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My mom wasn’t keeping well for sometime, she was taking some medicines which were having some side effects on her. At this juncture I travelled to Bangalore on an official tour. A day later my husband mailed me saying that my moms condition wasn’t good enough, so he has brought her to our home. 3 days later I reached Pune and entered my home to find my mother in a pathetic state. Forget standing on her legs, she wasn’t even in a state to get up from the bed. My MIL with 2 of my aunts who had come down to check on my mum for an hour were tending to her. Looking at my mother’s condition it scared the hell out of me. She wasn’t in a condition to recognize people. I suddenly felt guilty, angry and was scared to death. She couldn’t talk, was whispering and we had to get our ears close to her mouth to decipher her words. I didn’t want to stand in front of her, didn’t have the courage to look at her.

She was admitted to the hospital and was in ICU for 2 days. Later they shifted her to a private ward. She remained in hospital for 5 days. Her Sodium levels had gone down – dehydration was the reason. Her hands and legs were so stiff. Had to start with physiotherapist treatment.

The whole episode scared the hell out of me. It took a toll on me physically, but the worst was mentally. The day I came back from Bangalore I felt like running away to some far away place and lie down on someone’s lap. Wanted to find solace in someones company, wanted to hear words of comfort. Wished that someone could hug me and take away all the tensions, problems, pains from me. Being a female you really feel the need for a friend to vent out your anger, frustration, pain, to empathize with you and in whose company you find comfort. Of course you should believe that person and also feel close to call him/her your best friend.

During that whole period I missed this individual called FRIEND. I really wonder how do guys handle the whole thing? They tend to withdraw into a shell and don’t come out of it till they find a solution to it. Don’t open up and keep things to themselves. Surely not possible by a female. At least not by me. I was just wondering the title of this post sounds like an advertisement with regards to a vacancy for the post of a friend, doesn’t it? Anyways till date … in search of a friend 🙂

P.S. My mother is on the road to recovery, touch wood I wish that she is soon back to normal.


The other day my colleague in office wanted to buy a pair of sandals as she was supposed to attend a wedding of her close friend. She asked me over lunch whether I would accompany her for buying the same in one of the malls close to our office. This had happened before too, in the sense I had accompanied her to buy some dresses last Diwali and she didn’t like anything, so finally we came back empty handed. The outcome of the shopping trip was that I didn’t help her in finding out good stuffs, this is what she told me later. 🙂 Not that I was angry, because I am used to her tantrums. She is gonna kick me when she reads this post of mine.

Anyways I said fine and we headed towards the mall post lunch in our office canteen. We entered the sandals section and started looking out for a sandal of her choice. Now the sari that she had bought for the wedding was coffee brown is what she told me, so the sandals had to match the same and also should be a daily wear stuff. Its another story that the sari costed 2000 bucks and we (myself and another colleague) were left wondering its whose marriage? Of course apart from the sari and the sandals there was the matching set (earrings and necklace), handbag to be bought. Now back to the sandal hunting, I showed her couple of good sandals and as per her they were either too small-size unavailable or high heeled or too open in the front so she would need regular pedicure the list was endless. Anyways in short nothing appealed her and we came back empty handed after half an hour of hunting in a small sandal section.

This made me wonder, how do guys manage to accompany females in their shopping events? Of course they should be termed as events. I mean guys really do need the patience to help out females in deciding which item is good, better in terms of colour, looks, durability, does it match the accessories blah blah. Females don’t just shop for 1 item, there will be items to team up with, be it the bangles or the bindis. I somehow don’t enjoy shopping with my husband as in with my mum, the reason is simple my mum gives me inputs like this design is better than that, this color suits you. If its my husband he normally sits in the corner of the shop and tells me that whatever you want you take and let me know when I have to pay the bill. But women need someone to figure out their choice, discuss and give in some comments. Else they are confused as in eh bhi aacha hai , woh bhi aacha hai, kaunsa loon? 🙂

Some time back it was decided that the event of the month would be Traditional day by our HR Team. So most the girls in our office came decked in saris. Now one of the girls who is good looking and causes palpitations in case of guys was dressed in a chiffon blue sari. All the other girls in our office were praising her sari when she told me that she actually was going to wear another sari, which was better than this and she had matching sandals, bangles, handbag but unfortunately the blouse was missing. Now this is what I call a high society girl, who has everything to match with her dress, be it watches or cellphones. In the sense she would always team all her dresses with an appropriate matching sandal and watch. I really wonder how come they have the patience to do all this be it even their nail polish?

Are guys patient enough to accompany women in their shopping tours and help them out to choose the items? There are females like my colleague who goes for shopping just because she was getting bored over the weekend. Its another story that she isn’t yet married and we have been telling her that her future husband would never accept these genuine (as per her) reasons of hers. But she firmly believes that she will get a husband who will insist that why are you buying just one dress, buy two more. My question is are there such guys and if so do they have the patience for going on a never ending wild shopping spree with their better half’s?

Wonders of Nature ! A resplendent view of the grandeurs of the Lord. Have you ever cherished any of his enchanting creations? A sight which could never be forgotten.

The sun dazzling out with its first ray and the mountains basking in its radiance. DAWN ! a sight which makes you hold your breath. The sparkling water gurgling down the valley all lithe and lissome. One would feel like running down the slopes and drowning into one of His multitude works. A large vicissitude from the burgeoning city life and living in tranquility. The white puffs sailing down the heavenly blue sky, sending out the brilliant beams of the multitude rays of the SUN.’ The Fingers of God’ an epitome symbolizing his presence in and around us. His fingers reaching out to touch and care for us, showing his grace all over us. An array of a thousand flights all hovering and embellishing the beauties.

And then He brings in numerous changes in His work. Palette filled with bright colours, He sends out streaks of a variety of shades. Every moment bringing in a new panorama to be surrounded by. The streaks of orange and red all splashed over the sky with the touch of DUSK. The birds enjoying their freedom to reach any part of this world and witness His artifacts return to their kith and kin.

Such are his beauteous creations. Wish I could carve a niche for myself in this utopia and drown myself into solitude.


Have you ever checked the vastness of the ocean its calmness, its ferocity? Its at its own will, without any boundaries or restrictions. The large expanse of the sky with its limitless borders and the flocks of birds free to reach any part of this world – freedom, unconditional love without any strings attached to it, is this possible in today’s world?

There are so many lessons that we can learn from Nature, but man is caught in this web of relations and has his own set of self created norms that binds him. As an individual I wish I could have pursued a career that interested me but my parents had their own aspirations so needless to say I had to abide by their rules. As a daughter-in-law you need to care for your in laws interests before you could even think about your priorities. As a son you need to care for your parents as well as wife’s feelings and need to satisfy both of them without even hurting the other party. Its a tight rope walk where you lose your happiness in the bargain against satisfying others needs.

Why can’t man lead a life without any expectations from anyone and live life to his terms? Can’t he lead a life the way he wants to, as in the wind free to caress and blow in the direction it wants- self driven unlike man who is driven by others interests. Sacrifice your own interests, happiness in the wake of fulfilling others desires. Its always said that the more you try to curb someone with your own interests the more he/she will drift away from you. Its like clutching tightly a handful of sand, so that you don’t lose it, but in the long run you realize that you have been losing particles of sand and in the end you are left with nothing.

Have you watched the movie Life is Beautiful which depicts the unconditional love the father showers on his son? Roberto Benigni’s character always teaches his son the goodness in the worst of the situations. Its all about the perception that one has towards his/her life. Its for us to take the best of it. Its also about the unconditional love that the father gives to his son even at the brink of his death.

I somehow haven’t been able to fathom this whole thing completely, might be in the long run of life I could actually relate to it and figure out my quest for happiness.