• Air Arabia Airlines

    Air Arabia Mumbai – Sharjah

    Flying to international destinations from Tier 2 cities in India is a pain in the neck. You need to fly to the nearest metro with an international...

  • Solo Travel

    Solo Travel

    In my recent long distance travels whilst returning home by train the gentleman next seat asked me what took me to Kannur? “I was keen to explore...

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    Chettinad doors to a faded glory

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    Goa paint me Red

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    In love with Devon

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    Dandeli Diaries – memorable experiences

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    Borough Market for the Global Cuisine

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    Balloon Safari – Romancing the sky

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    How Traveling Changes your Life

    This post appeared in Women’s Web Traveling is the tonic for life that keeps the soul replenished. Every moment brings in a new perspective to the journey...

Travelling to Germany can be overwhelming for many Indians. I got to travel to Germany when the Refugee Crisis was at its peak. Having visited few countries in the European continent the Germany experience was unlike the others . In a city like London you would bump into Indians in many localities like Wembley, East Ham, Southall. Take the tube and chances are high that every fifth guy is an Indian. Indian restaurants are sprawled across the city and food is never a problem. Germany is a different ball game but with careful planning and some patience the German experience would be truly enjoyable.

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Sweat trickled down my back. Officially summer hadn’t yet arrived but Dakshin Kannada created by Lord Parashurama who had thrown an axe from the top of the Western Ghats to reclaim land from sea was showing early signs of the onset of summer. Part of the erstwhile Madras Presidency it was later merged into the state of Karnataka. This region is said to be steeped in history as Greeks and Romans visited its shores for trade. It is told linen, ivory, cotton and betel nut was exported to Egypt from this coastal expanse. Various communities like the Bunts, Muslims, Brahmins, Konkanis and Christians live in and around Mangalore and thus a melting pot of culture and traditions.

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Okay Folks, we know that many of you may have thought of trying both companies that claim to offer best rooms in another city at affordable costs. So, we have prepared a brief comparative analysis of both companies for those of you who wish to explore India. Do have a look and draw your own conclusions on which one do you prefer.

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I reached Innsbruck after loads of apprehensions considering the fact that it wasn’t advisable to travel towards the East European regions due to the refugee situation. When I inquired at Augsburg train station in Germany I was told by one of the BAHN officials, “It isn’t safe to travel to East Europe now, trains are getting cancelled. Yesterday trains from Germany didn’t operate to that side but today it is operating you never know the situation two days later when you are planning to travel. It isn’t advisable to travel now,” said the concerned guy.

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In January this year I went officially on sabbatical from my day job due to personal reasons. It has been around 13 years that I have been working as a software engineer for a MNC. By end of June circumstances were such that I had to tender my resignation. Since my sabbatical along with the task of taking care of family and kids I have managed to make a small presence in the freelancing print world. My articles have been published  (read them here) in some of India’s leading tabloids and magazines.

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My host at Amraai homestay in Rishikesh suggested I rent a two wheeler to explore Rishikesh. He suggested I visit Ranjit Motorbikes near the Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara and check out the bikes there.  The shutters were still down when I reached the dealer’s shop. The shop is quite famous among bikers and Royal Enfield bikes rule as customers are said to rent bikes and drive to Ladakh.

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The Bunts have their origins in Mangalore, the popular ones being Aishwarya Rai and Shilpa Shetty. Most today are in the restaurant business and run these eateries in Mumbai.  I came across many Bunt houses in the hamlets around Mangalore during my stay in Dakshin Kannada.

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I took a private bus from Delhi that took me through Muzaffarnagar, Roorkee and finally to Haridwar. The wheat fields were golden brown as they swayed in the summer wind. A short stop in one of the dhabas at Muzaffarnagar for lunch followed by a nap I survived the road travel which was more than close to 6 hours. From Haridwar I took the local city bus to reach Rishikesh in the sweltering heat.

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It was an impromptu decision that took me to the Princess of Hills or Kodaikanal few weeks back. I was in my hometown for a marriage and decided to explore the mountains nearby. Kodai was the best bet with its sprawling hills, clouds hanging low, flowers and the mist enveloped vegetation.

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It was the last day of the fasting period of the month of Ramadan. The Islamic community had been fasting for the entire month which is the ninth in their calendar. I walked across  Baba Jaan Chowk close to Shivaji Market to experience Iftar in Pune Camp. The entire area was bustling with life and overcrowded.

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