London - Big BEN

I had the opportunity of visiting London twice and each stay was for two months in summer. The first stint was mostly solo travelling in London and a short trip to Scotland with a friend. The second trip was one that I enjoyed the most as I had a group of friends to hang around. I got a chance to visit Cornwall, Devon, Bath, Brighton and the beautiful Durdle Door. More on these destinations would follow, here is a short list of some random things about London.

Land's End

As we parked our car at Land’s End entrance and walked ahead we were greeted to the sight of a vast glistening and glimmering Atlantic Ocean. The pretty coves tucked are a feast for the eyes and once can soak in its beauty for hours.

I had set to the Cornish coast with a bunch of friends. We were on the look out for the Lizard Beach and accidentally stumbled into the Cornwall Vintage Vehicle Society’s Exhibition. Septuagenarians and Octogenarians having crossed their prime years and enjoying their carefree life had settled down in the city center on their easy chairs with a basket of sandwiches and a can of soft drink. Petite Pet Dogs walked in leash with their masters and mistresses. Few clambered into their masters vintage cars and pick up…