Verdant Tea Gardens a treat to the eyes

A lone pachyderm stood swaying his tusk and grazing around. I stopped the car and gazed at him. I remembered someone telling me an elephant who roamed all alone was considered dangerous. I wondered if this one would go rampant but soon spotted company behind the tall bushes. They looked great as a group. I was passing through the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary from Bandipur to the land of tea, coffee, rubber and spices called Wayanad in Kerala.


Wayanad or Vayal Nad is a verdant beauty where one is surrounded by the hills and every drive takes you up and down the terrain through narrow roads that snake through them. Small shacks sell the famous Malabar Paratha with chicken curry, fish curry and the Tapioca, Beef Biryani for your afternoon meal pit stop. Spices, Tea and Coffee Plantations cover the hills and the mountain air has the fresh earthy smell.