Sangetsar Lake

Sangetsar Lake is considered very pious by the Buddhist Lamas in Arunachal Pradesh. A lake that was said to have been formed due to the post effect of an earthquake has bare black sky rocketing trees jutting out of the water. Golden Ducks or Ruddy Shelduck fly into this lake in pairs and it is great to capture them. Army personnel are stationed in this area and cater to food and beverage needs to the tourists. Steaming hot coffee with great company of the jawans for some gupshup…

Arunachal Pradesh

When I received the gift voucher of 30,000 INR from I wondered which destination in India should I travel to? The customer executive from Makemytrip suggested the touristy kind of trail like Kerala, Rajasthan. But I was keen to explore the unknown and the the unheard, where few have tread. After few rounds of contemplation I zeroed in on Arunachal Pradesh.