I always dreamt of becoming a journalist as a teenager. But my father thought other wise and that is how I ended up in a Engineering college as against a Journalism School. But the desire never died and today after having passed out and being a software engineer by profession I have taken up freelance writing as a passion.

I have made a humble start by getting my articles published in various publications online and print. Here you can find the list of articles that have been published under each publication. I hope this list grows big and there are many more additions to it. I have penned articles for –

Magazines –
  • Travel + Leisure India and South Asia Magazine
  • National Geographic Traveller India
  • Forbes India
  • Complete Wellbeing
  • Vistara (Singapore airlines and Tata group joint venture) in-flight magazine
  • Jetwings in-flight magazine
  • India & You
  • India Outbound
  • Tabloids –
    • Mint – Lounge, Business of Life
    • The Hindu – Metroplus
    • Hindu Businessline
    • Mumbai Mirror
    • Economic Times
    • New Indian Express
    • Pune Mirror (Supplement of Times of India)
    • Asian Age/ Deccan Chronicle
  • Digital Media –
    • BBC Travel
    • Roads & Kingdom
    • National Public Radio (NPR)
    • Mint on Sunday
    • Yahoo Lifestyle
    • Huffington Post
    • Happy Trips (Times Internet)


World's largest matrilineal society [Photostory on Minangkabau ethnic group,
 Indonesia; September 2016]
National Geographic Traveller India
Colonial Cuppa [ Story about kawa daun - coffee without bean, Indonesia; 
April 2017]
Forbes India
The Irani flavours of Pune [Story about the Parsi restaurants of Pune,India; 
September 2016]
Mint (Hindustan Times)
Pune riding high [ Story about Pune's Equestrian scene, India; June 2017]
Beneath the beauty Mauritius is an archive of human struggle and triumph
 [Story about the British Great Experiment in Mauritius; June 2017]
Lakeside Stories [ Story about Kuflon, Uttarakhand, India; October 2016]
A Puneri paean [ Pune food trail story, India; October 2016]
Travel + Leisure India and South Asia Magazine
Time for a Breather [Honeymoon destinations across the globe; 
Weddings & Honeymoons 2016]
Bet you didn't think of these [Little known romantic destinations across 
the globe; Weddings & Honeymoons 2016]
By the fireplace [Hotels with fireplaces across the globe, February 2016]
Chettinad - doors to a faded glory [ Story about Chettinad, Tamilnadu]
In love with Devon [ Story about Devon, United Kingdom; December 2014]
Chikmagalur for temples and coffee [ Story about Mullayanagari, Shimoga, 
Halebeedu;Karnataka, India December 2014]
National Public Radio (NPR) – The Salt
Meet Mumbai's iconic Veggie Burger [ Vada Pav of Mumbai, India; 
November 2016]
Jetwings ( Jet Airways in-flight magazine)
Fruit fiesta [ Story about Maharashtra the fruit bowl of India;
April 2017]
Southern Detour [ Story about the little known places around Kochi,
India; July 2016]
Poetry in Stone [ Story about Bhojpur Temple, Madhya Pradesh, India;
July 2016]
Waltzing the ring [ Story about Vienna, Austria; April 2016]
Economic Times
Krakow of dawn [ Story about Krakow, Poland;January 2017]
Swirling to the cha cha[ Tea ceremony in Taiwan; August 2016]

Hindu Businessline
In the birdman's lair [ Story about bird frogmouth, Dr. Salim Ali 
Bird Sanctuary, Thattekad, Kerala, India; May2016]
Mumbai Mirror
High in Heidelberg [ Story about Heidelberg, Germany; August 2016]
The Hindu
Before Sunrise, after sunset [ Story about Sharjah; May 2017]
A tryst with Innsbruck's hospitality and history [ Story about Innsbruck,
Austria; March 2016] 
Drenched in a cascade of milk [ Story about Dudhsagar; May 2014]
Unlocking the jewellery box of India [ Story about Halebidu, Karnataka; 
March 2015]
Pune Mirror
Back to the golden era [ Story about Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India; June 2016]
Seaside Diaries [ Story about Mangalore, Karnataka, India; July 2015]
New Indian Express
Polish walk on white gold [ Story about Wieliczka salt mine, Poland; 
October 2016]
Shrinking the plate for a healthy lifestyle [ Story about Atmantan Wellness 
Resort, Pune India; February 2017]
Imprisoned in fun and frolic [ Story about Heidelberg's Student Prison, 
Germany; August 2016]
Eternal embrace of religions [ Story about Mylapore, Chennai, India;
July 2016]
Vistara  inflight magazine(Singapore Airlines and Tata group JV)
Sleepless in Macau [Story about Macau; February 2016]
Cornucopia of Art [ Story about the art and craft of Chettinad, 
Tamilnadu, India; December 2015]
A tryst with the past [ Story about Hyderabad, India; May 2015]
Media India ( India Outbound and India & You magazines)
Say cheese in Poland [Story about oscypek cheese from Zakopane, 
Poland; November 2016] 
A date with dates [ Story about dates in UAE; May 2017]
Rendezvous with the recluse [ Story about Valparai, Tamilnadu ; March 2017]
Nature steeped in heritage [ Story about Phaltan, India; March 2017]


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