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Ridge Gourd/ Turai Chutney OR Peerkangai thogayal
          Ridge Gourd also known as Turai/ Dodka or Peerkangai in Tamilnadu belongs to the family of gourds. Its dark green in colour with white pulp and seeds in the inside. This vegetable is rich in dietary fiber and has low content of saturated fats, cholestrol. It has excellent cooling properties and is ideal for those who wish to lose weight.
          One can stir fry it with a dash of crushed peanuts or else prepare a gravy/ kuttu with this vegetable. This vegetable has high water content and helps to cure piles. Normally people tend to peel its rough skin and dispose it. The peels could be used to prepare chutney and is high in fibre content.
Ridge Gourd
Ingredients –

  • Ridge Gourd – 2
  • Chana Dal – 4 table spoons
  • Salt
  • Whole dry red chillies – 4
  • Tamarind 

Peel the ridge gourd’s skin and keep aside. Fry chana dal in oil, remove from fire. Toss in the chillies, scraps of ridge gourd and fry till brown in colour. Add the tamarind, salt and remove from fire. Let it cool.
Ridge Gourd FriedOnce it reaches room temperature grind it with the fried chana dal, water to a paste.
Serve with hot steaming rice it tastes like heaven. 🙂
Ridge Gourd Chutney

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