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Dravida’s Bistro

Dravida's Bistro

Being a Tamilian married to a Malayali the south Indian genes runs through our family. Day in and out Tamilnadu and Kerala dishes are cooked in the kitchen. Whenever I visit restaurants in North India I immediately get to differentiate the cooking style of South Indian dishes which aren’t close to the version back home. So when I visited Dravida’s Bistro in Boat Club Road, Pune I was skeptical of the authenticity of the dishes. Dravida’s Bistro has a simple, no mess ambiance with a large black board listing down their dishes.

Dravida's Bistro interiors

Dravidas Bistro interiors


Organic Dakshin Cuisine is what they claim to serve and I left it to Indira Sukumar one of the owners of the restaurant to decide the dishes to be served. Indu started off with a platter of mini podi idlis, dosa and paniyarams with coriander leaves chutney, sambar and coconut chutney. As the idlis were small which was expected I couldn’t gauge their softness which actually determines the quality of the idlis. The paniyaram and the dosa was good and the best part was the sambar which I found closest to the version we prepare back home. Later I got to know Indu who herself is a Tamilian gets the sambar masala from her mother who grinds it at home, hence the authentic flavor.

Vazakai Bajji

Vazakai Bajji


Next was Vazakai Bhaji with chutney and Pepper Mushroom. Pepper Mushroom was quite tasty and juicy that I relished upon. Vazakai Bhaji or banana fritters meaning raw banana dipped in besan dal and batter deep fried is a popular dish down south that is basically had in the evenings with tea. The batter in Dravida’s Bistro needs few additions to make it spicy and tasty.

Having done with the starters next on our table was Appam a pancake made of fermented rice batter. This dish down south is served with vegetable or chicken stew or sweetened coconut milk. Indu gave a twist to it and served it with Paneer Capsicum curry. The combination was quite different and I preferred the regular accompaniment. Having said that the appam was soft, fluffy and well prepared.




We moved on to tempered curd rice and vegetable biryani with potato roast. Curd Rice prepared the south indian way with a seasoning of mustard, curry leaves, chana dal is one of my favorites. Full justice was done to the Biryani that was rustled with the right spice levels.

Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable Biryani



We ended the grand affair with chocolate unniyappam and brown rice payasam. The chocolate unniyappam was a twist to the original dessert and I preferred it without the chocolate sauce and some more jaggery. The payasam was good enough to the close the grand meal.




Food in Dravida’s Bistro looks authentic as against the so claimed authentic restaurants and serves the best possible South Indian cuisine. Would I visit it again, well yes as I am yet to relish their signature Satvik Thali a five course meal with 27 dishes served only on weekends. Also I would want to sip the cleanses to detox, nourish, fuel and energize your body. Go ahead and enjoy the dakshin organic cuisine at Dravida’s Bistro you would love it. In my opinion this is the closest you could get home if you are a South Indian.

I was hosted at Dravida’s Bistro but views are my own.

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