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Iftar in Pune

Baba Jaaan Masjid

It was the last day of the fasting period of the month of Ramadan. The Islamic community had been fasting for the entire month which is the ninth in their calendar. I walked across  Baba Jaan Chowk close to Shivaji Market to experience Iftar in Pune Camp. The entire area was bustling with life and overcrowded.

Baba Jaan Chowk
Halwa with smiles

Halwa with smiles

Baba Jaan mosque glittered and glowed while men and women walked to nearby shops to buy dresses and food. I walked to a mobile stall selling halwa, malpua and Paratha.

A huge paratha

A colorful spread of halwa a sweet prepared with semolina was spread on a huge plate with a sprinkle of tutti frutti, nuts while nearby a huge Paratha (Indian bread) was being toasted on a pan. Men visited the shops with kids to buy delicacies and take back home. The entire area had a festive atmosphere. Few meters ahead there were stalls selling the much desired slow cooked meat called Haleem.

Khau Galli in Pune Camp

Khau Galli

Kausar Baug


Kausar Baug at Kondhwa is a whole new experience with numerous stalls selling starters, main courses, desserts, cold drinks and paan. Imdadi, Sharif are some of the few caterers who do set up stalls in this area.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken


One can see kebabs being grilled, meat roasted and fried, men and women walking home with take away or sitting and having their meal with family.

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken


One must try the dalcha, khichda, biryani and the various meat delicacies. You can end the gastronomic experience with a Falooda, Tahura, Malpua and Rabdi and Phirni. Tahura is a sweet milky drink with pista flavor and a dash of sabja seeds. End the meal with a paan melting in your mouth.

Tubs of curries

Tubs of curries

Pune has more to Iftar stalls like the Azam Campus Khau Galli. Well Pune might not have Mumbai’s Bohri Ali Khau Gali but it does have a lot to satiate your sense. Go ahead and explore it. Id Mubarak to all my lovely friends out there.

3 Comments on “Iftar in Pune

  1. Festivals such as Eid and Diwali are endearing in Pune. Simple yet so beautiful. Also love Eid celebration at MG Road and Camp. Lovely pics:)

  2. It’s just so so lovely to feel this whatever your described… that halwa and big parathe looks great and I am sure the atmosphere was very positive and happy… something that’s lovely.

  3. Food is a great way to enjoy and explore life and these are interesting… end of the fasting month, great time to look forward to feast… In my cycle journeys I do throughout India to spread awareness on Freeing Gender from Violence I have eaten many varieties of food at various places, homes of poor people, dhabas and it’s a wonderful experience… you can check my cycle tours here … … keep having yummylicious experiences in your life and keep sharing(:…

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