An edited version of the Pune food article was published in the November’15 issue of Citadel magazine. In the heart of Pune city stand edifices that would transport you to the era of Shivaji Maharaj an Emperor in the seventeenth century and to the times of the Peshwas. The old city area has been categorically divided into Peths (settlements/localities) since the rule of the Maratha dynasty. The Wadas that hold the legacy and heritage of Maratha Empire stand tall across the streets. Wadas are one or two storied structures…

Grand spread at Rajdhani

We are in the peak of summer and what is the flavour of the season? Obviously mangoes! Do you love mangoes? Now that is indeed a dumb question who wouldn’t like the king of fruits? What are the delicacies you have had that have been made from mango? Aamras, Mango Lassi, Aamrakhand, Mango Pickle, Mango Murabba, Aam ka Panna and so on. But have you ever tasted Mango Jalebi? Well I sure did along with a plethora of other mango dishes at Khandani Rajdhani in Phoenix Mall, Pune.

Jet Airways

I had reached Delhi after a whirlwind tour exploring Rishikesh on a two wheeler, hiking the Garhwal mountains near Uttar Kashi and reaching remote villages like Agoda that are completely cut off from the rest of the world. On 2nd May’15 I was supposed to travel from Delhi to Pune by Jet Airways which was scheduled to depart at 7:45 a.m. It was 8:20 a.m. and we were all boarded on to the flight and waiting for the flight to take off.

Feast, Le Meridien

When I received an invitation from the well known Baap of all Apps for a Foodies Meetup I thought why not try out the array of dishes at The Feast a multi-cuisine restaurant in Le Meridien, Pune. The agenda of the program was an introduction to the app and a session on Food Photography by Harminder. There was a huge variety of dishes in all courses for an epicurean. Writing 10 restaurant reviews for would result in a free meal voucher for two. Also referring foodies…

Dravida's Bistro

Being a Tamilian married to a Malayali the south Indian genes runs through our family. Day in and out Tamilnadu and Kerala dishes are cooked in the kitchen. Whenever I visit restaurants in North India I immediately get to differentiate the cooking style of South Indian dishes which aren’t close to the version back home. So when I visited Dravida’s Bistro in Boat Club Road, Pune I was skeptical of the authenticity of the dishes. Dravida’s Bistro has a simple, no mess ambiance with a large black board listing…

Gudi padwa

Gudi Padwa is the first day in a Maharashtrian calendar in the month of Chaitra Shuddha Pratipada. It is the New Year for the Maharashtrians and they do sure celebrate it with pomp and fervor. Early morning people wake up before sunrise and ensure the Gudi is erected in their courtyard or balcony in case they stay in flat.

Chicken Satay

 Restaurant Review Salt Salt is a restaurant serving Indian and Oriental cuisine since last couple of years in the suburbs of Pune at Baner. It is just round the corner at the Baner Balewadi junction.  When I first saw the hoarding I found the name quite unusual. I mean why Salt? But then this is one item that one cannot afford to miss from our food, food would be lifeless and tasteless. I happened to meet my friend over dinner in this restaurant one weekend. She had called up…

A perfect landing

I woke up at dawn and got ready for the safari of my life. Have you ever been part of the limitless azure sky with white puffs sailing around? Carried away with the wind to places unknown, unheard and untouched. The smell, the colour and the taste of fresh air exhilarates the dull mind. You are in this zen state from where you wouldn’t want to return. Does it sound too much of a mystery? Well I was on my way to experience The Balloon Safari by Skywaltz….

Koli Women

Dear Kavya, Hope you are doing well. I am sure as usual you would be well prepared for your forthcoming exams. My best wishes are always with you. Just yesterday I was thinking that soon you would be out of college. Now that you have spent two decades of your life in your academics I am sure you would have learnt a lot. You have always been well read and up to date with the latest happenings.

Munchies with the Rains

Looks like the rain gods were finally pleased as it had started to shower in Pune albeit not heavy.  I stood in my balcony and looked at the rain drizzling down the alley. It had been a long wait but finally the parched earth was relieved of its thirst. The first shower brings in the smell of wet mud that tickles the senses and reminds me of my childhood. Rain for me is a steaming cup of tea that is prepared with a pinch of shredded ginger.  What…

Sinhagad in the Rains

Recently I had been to Sinhagad a fort near Pune. Its a great place to visit during the monsoon and also holds historical significance in the Maratha reign. My article about this jaunt has been published in Spice Flair. Check it out.

 It was a Friday, I was returning home after a grueling day in office with my husband when I suggested we spend some time on the benches of Pashan Road, Pune. The roads of Pashan are wide and the pavements have many benches for pedestrians to relax and enjoy the sunset. Its very pleasant in the evenings and also in the morning. My husband agreed to the plan and en route he suggested why don’t we visit the Balaji Temple in Pashan.