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Rain Rain Come Again

Munchies with the Rains

Looks like the rain gods were finally pleased as it had started to shower in Pune albeit not heavy.  I stood in my balcony and looked at the rain drizzling down the alley. It had been a long wait but finally the parched earth was relieved of its thirst. The first shower brings in the smell of wet mud that tickles the senses and reminds me of my childhood. Rain for me is a steaming cup of tea that is prepared with a pinch of shredded ginger.  What better than the cuppa prepared in the Amruttulya stalls across the city? No posh coffee outlet could replace the taste and feeling of heaven on earth that one would get by sipping this nectar (amrut) comparable (tulya) drink. 

Amruttulya - Tea Shop

Amruttulya – Tea Shop


What more would you want when tea is served with a plate of hot pakodas (onions/potatoes/ spinach leaves dipped in a spicy chick pea flour mixture and fried).  You could sink into the comforts of a rocking chair with your feet perched on a centre table a cup in one hand, pakodas by your side and great view of the rain pouring down the city. If only time could wait!!




Corn roasted

Corn roasted

If the comfort of home doesn’t please you and you would want to feel the rain, get drenched step out and head straight to Sinhagad. It’s the place you ought to be this season. Lush greenery, piping hot bhakris (Indian bread) served with Pithla( chick pea four curry) or better way the sweet corn roasted in the bhatti or directly on coal. If you wouldn’t want it to be roasted try the boiled version (corn chat). 

Boiled Groundnuts

Boiled Groundnuts

There is also the option of munching boiled pea nuts stacked over the stove. Chanya Manya Ber (red berries) served with a pinch of salt gives that zing to the damp atmosphere.  There are options galore it’s a choice that you got to make; it’s worth it for small desires are the sparks that bring in fulfilment. It just got to be raining!! I hope someone is listening up there.

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  1. Hi Rathina. We’re eager for some rain here in Texas. Lucky you!
    I just linked to this post from PocketCultures biweekly post roundup.

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