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Run down the olfactory lane

Sitting in the balcony of my terrace I watched the rain splatter down the roads. It was the year’s first shower in Pune. The initial rain is always nostalgic and always takes you down the memory lane. The aroma of wet mud is so very tempting and overwhelming. I find it difficult to refrain myself from swallowing some and for that matter I can’t blame the kids.

Rain goes hand in hand with a cup of tea and a plate of pakoras. The aroma of concoction of tea leaves with a dash of ginger wafting out of the kitchen is a crowd puller. Just the thought of lazing around on an arm chair with your legs perched on a stool and cup of tea in one hand accompanied by the pakoras is so very tempting. I mean you couldn’t have asked for more. IT IS HEAVEN (period)

The rain kissed earth parched my thoughts;

As the waft of petrichor lingers in walks

Crunchy pakoras and froths;

Dipped in freshness of sorts
The Rains get me thinking … it indeed is a chain of thoughts.

Whenever I would travel down to Tamilnadu during my vacations I would stay for more than a month at my maternal grandmother’s place. I have always been close to her and her memories still linger in my thoughts. Sitting next to her the redolence of talcum powder, coconut oil would overpower my senses. She would ensure every morning and evening a good amount of talc was dusted over her face and neck. As for me talcum powder and coconut oil is synonym to my grandmother.

But that doesn’t complete my grandmother. There is more to her than these beauty products. The pungent scent of the mixed vegetable pickle would fill the kitchen as she would combine the veggies with the spices. Come summer and she would sit with a basket full of yellow ripe mangoes and could eat a good number in one go. The fruity sweet scent would engulf the house and we kids would tiptoe into the larder for our share.

Whenever a baby would be brought home my grandmother would ensure a pair of vasaka bead bracelets was tied around the baby’s wrists. She would say they are good for the digestive system of the baby and also have healing power. I as an individual have never been interested with the positive effects of the vasaka I have always loved its sweet fragrance. Ooh how I love to hold babies with this amazing herb, they absolutely smell great.



The topic of aroma can’t be complete without the mention of flowers. Have you crossed the Frangipani tree when in full bloom? It is so very tempting and intoxicating; I find it difficult to leave without having picked a flower and drowned into its fragrance.
We had a chapter dedicated to this tropical flower in school. That reminds me of books have you ever smelt the newly printed books or for that matter antique books. Those which have stayed with us for years not known. I cannot exactly describe it’s smell probably musty.
‘A combination  of grassy notes with a tang of acids and a hint of vanilla over an underlying mustiness’ is what chemists state the odour emitting from old books.

What ever be it aromas, fragrances are linked to thoughts and rack the deepest recess.

Flowers that bloom the soul within;

Blossom a wilted chagrin

Memories stirred that never dwindle;

Smiles galore do they kindle

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