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When is my Birthday?

               Hmmmm…. suddenly it was very quiet. She had been narrating a story which has been my favorite, Little Krishna’s antics. It was the one where his mother tied him to a mortar. I never get tired listening to it. Probably she had gone off to sleep for I could hear the rhythmic sound of breathing and nothing else. I decided to stay still as I didn’t want to disturb her. It looked as if she had had a long day. Well it sure would be, now that I had grown huge and I had started to feel cramped.

         I knew that if I moved, she would feel it and it would awake her. Sometimes I did kick her though as I moved, tumbled in the compact place and she would then immediately place her hand to soothe me. It felt better, it really did. Her voice felt more of a song. Now that I could hear clearly I often get wind of her speech. Sometimes it would be a prayer or it would be talks filled with love to a child. She seemed to be concerned of a boy whose voice too I would become aware of time and again. He did appear to be a brat though who gave her a tough time. She always seemed to be running behind him, but the talks were always filled with love. Her laughter reverberated through my own self. During the nights I would be audience to a story, a lovely lullaby that would put me off to sleep.
        You know what Mama, I have been swimming in this puddle for a long time now. I am not aware how long but it does seem ages. I have grown from a tadpole to a small monkey with long limbs, well developed eyes and ears. I have done my share of acrobatics, learnt to swim, smile, suck my thumb and float in this pool.  I do hear you talk to me, I can feel your tender strokes as you caress your stomach and it gives a warm feeling. This cocoon has been my home and I have always felt secure. But now I would really want you to touch me, hold me and look into my eyes. I would want to lie on your bosom for ages and feel the affection. I want to lay my head on your lap and bask in your love. I would want to hold your hands and walk with stumbling steps.  I am sure you would be there to help me, lest I trip. I want to breathe in the fresh air. I wish to spread out my wings and explore.

        Ooh Mama I am ready to face this big world and wouldn’t want to soak any more in this pool. If I would want to get drenched it would be with your love, after all I am your little Krishna. Eagerly awaiting my birthday, do let me know when it is!! 

Love you Mama………………….
This is a story of a foetus/ fetus living in his mother’s womb.

There is Light/ Life at the end of the tunnel

This post is a contribution to the Soak No More contest held by Surf Excel Matic and Indiblogger.

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