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Away with the pixies @Melbourne


         When someone refers to Australia ‘ The Southern Land’ I link it to the nimble footed Kangaroos. I have watched them in the National Geographic channel many a times with my kids. They for me are the metaphors of freedom, free to hop around. The ‘joey’ inside the pouch gives a warm and cosy feeling and I am sure a stay in Melbourne wouldn’t be any less.


          Travelling to new stops and exploring them is something that fascinates me. It gives a view into the locale’s culture, colors, history and tradition. My idea of visiting Melbourne is in the same lines and to my opinion I would be exposed to these facets best by being with the locals. So my first stop would be at a Melbournian’s Home Sweet Home. Yes you guessed it right I would want to stay with the lovely inhabitants of this beautiful city in their home and get a taste of their hospitality. The phrase ‘Put a snag on the barbie’ does intrigue me and I would want to experience it with the family members of the locals. I have never been to a barbecue party and to witness one during my stay with the residents is on the list. It sure would have to be the al-fresco kind with music in the background. 




            Being a foodie and always keen to explore I would want to taste the traditional Aussie dishes – the Anzac biscuits that go a long way to the World War 1 days, the spongy Lamington, the Pavlova and the kid’s delight Aeroplane Jelly. Staying with the locals would also give me an insight into their cuisine and I am sure I could sneak few recipes back to India 🙂


         Marriages are the melting pot of culture and customs. It sure does give a glimpse into the roots, traditions and to be a part of one such event would be an icing on the cake. I have never been audience to a Christian wedding, somehow it has been elusive. In Melbourne I would want to witness a beautiful Christian wedding with the bride dressed in a long white flowing gown and exchange vows. The perfect setting would probably be a serene Melbourne church well lit and decked with flowers. 




            Next in my list would be the Melbourne Zoo that is currently celebrating its 150 years of existence and the Melbourne Aquarium. The Werribee Open Range Zoo also sounds as a great option. But again I wouldn’t want to visit it all alone, you see I am not a loner and rather prefer company. This time though I wouldn’t want the adults, I would want to take a small group of Aussie kids with me and be part of their squeals of laughter, antics and check the glow in their eyes as they enjoy the fauna. I am sure it would be real fun. 



Street Art at Melbourne

Street Art at Melbourne

          They say that any destination is best enjoyed when you explore its alleys, lanes and walkways. I would want to walk through the cobbled streets of Melbourne, explore the unknown, the hidden, smell the aroma of this place and be a part of its ruckus. I wish to mingle with the crowd and be one among them. I would want to traverse through its maze check out the riot of colors – graffiti, hear the local bands serenade and have a cuppa. I have never be a fan of the Tim Hortons or the Starbucks till date, I advocate the Filter Coffee that is served back home. But this time I sure would want to sink into the aroma of the Aussie brew in one of the local cafes. 


Yarra at Night

Yarra at Night

          Every city has an element of romance to it and I am sure I would be able to experience this facet of Melbourne by taking a cruise under the star studded sky on the Yarra River with my partner. I would want to have the cruise just for us and enjoy the Australian wine as we get a panoramic night view of the city. Once I have sunk into the magic of the the velvet cloak I would want to catch up with some country music. Yes I would want to hear the famous folk song Waltzing Matilda, see a performance of a Bush Dance with the accompaniment of the Fiddle, Piano and Accordion and also try few of the dance steps. All this on the cruise, doesn’t it sound exciting?




         I am at peace with myself when I am surrounded by nature. It has some magical effect, it just leaves me mesmerized. Away from the city, life in the country surrounded by woods, yes the Dandenong Ranges – A forest with flowers and greenery for miles ahead. A trip by chugging through the Sherbrooke forest would remind me of the tales that I have read as a school going kid. A visit to the vineyards at Yarra Valley and the thought of crushing grapes by feet does get me perked up. All in all I am sure I would feel replenished and rejuvenated.


          Life is one long celebration, wherein festivals are the major contributors. A visit to Melbourne would be incomplete without having experienced one such fervor and Chrissie (read Christmas) tops the list. I am sure the Christmas themed floats, the delightful carols bring in a festive spirit all around. The children’s stores decorated like a wonderland, sparkling lights and the choir at St. Paul’s Cathedral would be heavenly. But the cherry on the cake would be the carols by the candlelight at Sydney Myer Music Bowl. Not a sight to be missed. 

          Christmas is said to be about friends, family sharing and giving. For me, this experience at Melbourne would be sharing some great moments with my dear Melbournian friends. Last but not the least Australian Pearls would for sure find way into my bag when I return home grinning like a shot fox. 

Didn’t my thoughts stir in some interest in you? It’s your time to visit Melbourne ( now, ain’t it? 

Cheerio !!

This post is my contribution towards the …its your time to visit Melbourne Now contest held by Indiblogger and Tourism Victoria. I have never been to Melbourne and this is my view based on my research over internet.

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  1. I liked the way you have categorically expressed everything..and I like your pictures too. All the best 🙂

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