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My post for the Goodness of Coconut Blog contest in association with Women’s Web and Parachute. My association with Malayalis started as soon as I was married to one. Like every girl is introduced to the values followed at her in laws place I too was cognizant to loads, be it their culture or food habits. I soon noticed that coconut was one of the important ingredients in their culinary trail. I couldn’t fathom the fascination towards this nut as it was found in everything be it desserts, stir fry or gravies.

One day my husband’s paternal grandmother briefed me the family’s lineage. I got to know that she had given birth to ten kids. After the tenth delivery she went into a critical stage that was near paralysis. As she fought the handicapped situation a woman trained in Ayurveda was brought home. This lady stayed for three months and would give her a massage with a concoction of oils. The base ingredient of this mixture was coconut oil and over the period Grandma was able to walk by herself.

That wasn’t the end of my acquaintance with the coconut. After my son’s delivery my mother in law got busy preparing oil from coconut milk. She boiled it, once cooled sieved it and added spices like pepper, cumin and cloves. It was later stored in a glass container and a tablespoon would be given to my son on a daily basis. I was told this would clear and heal the digestive tract of the babies.

It still amuses me when I get to know many interesting facts and uses of this amazing fruit/nut/seed which is called by multiple names Kalpavruksha, The Tree of Life.

Coconut Shell Powder: List of its benefits from health perspective

  • Exfoliate to clear of the dead cells on your feet, hands, legs and arms when added with sugar and coconut oil

Tender Coconut Fiber Husk:

  • Used to scrub the body

Coconut Water:

  • When applied on the skin acts as a great astringent and toner
  • Drinking it reduces pitta and vat. Flushes the toxins and maintains the metabolism of the body
  • Cooling effect, clears stomach disorders and aids digestion
  • Cleanses the urinary bladder
  • Reduces hot flashes during menopause
  • A natural stress buster

Coconut Milk:

  • A great moisturizer that clears the skin and brings in an even tone
  • Clears blemishes and scars
  • Babies and adults can be massaged with this natural beauty product
  • Delays aging
  • Boiled to prepare oil and taken orally to heal the digestive system

Coconut Oil:

  • Has natural healing property could be applied for mouth ulcers
  • Cracked nipples heal quickly
  • Is applied on the anus of children to treat constipation
  • Most skin applicants in Ayurveda include it as one of the major ingredients as in Dinesavalyadi Keram
  • Anti-bacterial properties

It has multiple benefits when consumed orally or used externally. If the body is healthy the skin glows. In today’s burgeoning life if you do not have time to prepare coconut milk or a scrub, check the readily available products.One such stuff is Parachute Body Lotion with the richness of Coconut Milk. Go for it and feel the softness of your skin as it looks radiant. Let it be a part of your daily skincare ritual!

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