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Earthen Symphony

Chettinad Home
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Earthen Symphony

The colours and smell of Mother Earth has always intrigued me. The rustic and rugged beauty bathed in earthy tones has a sense of calmness and at the same time restfulness. The warmth and harmony demonstrated is inspiring to set up a home in line with Mother Nature’s creation. The sun baked earth, the smell and colour of wet mud, pottery, Terracotta; traditional handicrafts bring out the flavour of ethnicity and tradition.

My home is where I return after a long day’s work to the sanctity of my life. This is the place wherein I revel into the tranquillity of my inner sense and prod into the realm of my mind. My home would have all the attributes of the earthen tones that bring out a perfect harmony. A courtyard in the centre, like the bygone era of Chettinad/ Karakudi homes in Tamilnadu.

Lighting & Ventilation

The open courtyard has the perfect ventilation and lighting and is also the best place for kids to play or catch up on some mundane activities for the grown-ups. The tall and colorful pillars and the wooden doors bring out the ethnicity of the south Indian culture.

Source – Wikipedia


For the Rustic Look –

Add on some artifacts that breathe out the intricacies of Indianness like the uruli (huge metallic urns), traditional bell metal lamps (hanging and standing), wall hangings, coir, bamboo, terracotta figurines and wind chimes. Cow dung flooring in front of the house with rice powder Rangoli is appealing to every person walking into the house.

Source – raxacollective




Traditional Entrance

Cane chairs in the garden to have your morning cuppa a perfect setting to start your day with a refreshing ambiance. You could witness a colorful sunset or a sunrise or a beautiful rainbow on a rainy day. A rocking chair in your study for a relaxing read of your favorite book. This is where silence would speak for itself and unearth your deepest hidden thoughts and skills. These ancestral homes indeed bring out the perfect harmony between life and nature.

Study Room

Study Room

My private space to ruminate over life’s blessings bestowed on me.

Care for the wooden Items –

Wooden artifacts, doors, windows, cupboards, landings, staircases, cupboards, partitions, swings, ceilings would be dominant across the home.


They require extra care and maintenance.
Premium Satin Enamel and Premium Gloss Enamel from Asian Paints do rescue us from it. You also have the transparent finish option for cabinets et all. A coat of Asian Paints Wood Filler followed by coat of Asian Paints Touchwood or Melamyne coat solves the purpose. Asian Paints makes life easy by providing step by step guidance in their Video Asian Paints Exterior Wood Finishes

Care for the Interiors & Exteriors

Now that we have taken care of the wooden items in the house we also need to take care of the interior and the exterior walls of the house. Ancestral homes need to be managed and maintained well that is when they last long. The effect of time and weather shouldn’t take a toll on this valuable masterpiece.

Asian Paints has a solution to every problem. Be it dampness, cracks or fungus a touch of Asian Paints Acryclic Wall Putty, an Undercoat, A Primer and finally the Asian Paints Royale with Teflon for a perfect wall that speaks volumes. A plethora of colors that they term Colour Spectra which one could select to match the style of the home. I definitely would go for my earthy tones complementing the interiors.

This traditional bedroom done with red and orange Asian Paint Royal Luxury Emulsion would steal anyone’s heart. It does give a warm and cozy feeling. Look at the motifs on the wall, these special effects lend a unique texture to the room and bring out a touch of our culture.





Beautiful Ethnic Hall

A perfect setting to entertain the guests ain’t it?

The Asian Paints Apex Ultima ensures sheen, color stay, protection from extreme weather condition for the exteriors.

With the 4 pics color preview program I could get a virtual feel of how my home would look in different colors be it interior or exterior. The Asian paints experts would give the perfect makeover to what we call Home Sweet Home.

Asian Paints Green AssureI would suggest Asian Paints Home Solutions for an end to end Home Makeover. It is the perfect stop for expert advises, hassle free service experience, superior finish and warranty for 3 years. And to top it all the products are Environmental friendly and do not contain toxic substances. Guess what I have joined the Asian Paints Idea Lab community as well.

I would want my home to last long and speak stories of happiness, laughter, festivities, the first rain, squeals of a baby, anxiety and hope that it has witnessed for decades to the forthcoming generations.

After all Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai  and this home would whisper a perfect earthen symphony.
Walk into my abode for a taste of this harmonious composition that I call Life.

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