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This post was selected by Tasty Khanna as one of the winners. Cock a Doodle Doo! Sorry its Cook a Doodle :)Well when I saw this contest in Blogadda page I had no clue about doodle recipes, but I must say it had me captivated. Here is my contribution to this interesting and creative contest – SOL KADHI 

SO[U]L KADHI  is a refreshing drink from Konkan (Maharashtra). It can be had as an appetizer, after meals drink or during meals with rice.Benefits – Aids cooling and digestion Note – You might want to open each image (double click) to view better

SOL KADHI – Ingredients
SOL KADHI – Preparation
SOL KADHI – Benefits

I have had preparations with cumin, mustard added but I prefer to have it the authentic way.

It just doesn’t cool your body, it COOLS YOUR SOUL. 

What is your take?

Have you ever had this pink hued drink?

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