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Mother Daughter Getaways

Mother Daughter

To travel is to take a journey into yourself ‘

This quote by Danny Kaye is something I relate to day in and day out. Travel has taught me so much (Read How traveling changes your life)  that it has revealed the best and the worst in me. I would want my daughter who would turn 6 years old, in a month to see the world, meet strangers and understand their culture, history, experience the pleasures of travel and bring memories from across the globe. Didn’t someone say, To travel is to live ?

Apart from my solo travels I travel with my son, daughter and husband by road (self-drive), rail and air. Its been my long time wish to take my daughter with me in my solo travels, which obviously would no longer be solo once she accompanies me (Read Solo Travel). My son is the kind who experiences motion sickness when traveling on road. He prefers to play with his friends or stay in front of the T.V. with his gadgets in hand. I have tried to induce wanderlust in him with no luck. Over the period I realized one cannot generate such interests or force upon, it needs to be in-built and honed upon.


My daughter has always been open to explore new places and learn the culture and history of new places. During our family trips she is keen to venture out while my son hates moving out of the hotel room. I would like to tap this interest of hers and make her realize her passion by taking her frequently on my trips which would be exclusive mother – daughter road trips. So first and foremost it would be my daughter who would be part of my trip.


Next in the list of must haves would be camping gear. Mother and daughter duo would camp under the stars, watch the sun rise and set. We would enjoy the endless vista over some interesting discussions that would build stronger ties. I want to be a storyteller as I take her on hikes to the lofty mountains, as she hears the water tumble, feels the wind caress her face and watches the birds in a rhapsody. It can never get better than this.

Camping in the woods

Camping in the woods


I would want to take our cycles with us in our road trip, so that whenever required I can park my car and ride the cycle into the woods, besides the lake and get lost into nothing but wilderness.

Cycling through the woods

Cycling through the woods

Source – Here


Capturing moments that last a lifetime would be bringing back memories that are priceless. Moments that I would be spending with my daughter would be cherished forever. So a DSLR camera, tripod, lenses and other accessories would be a must in my travel list.

Memories never fade


Well these gadgets would be part of my luggage to stay connected with my family back home.

Having said and listed the MUST HAVES on my road trip apart from the regular stuff carried in every journey, all this requires space, safety and technology without having compromised on comfort. Infotainment would be a good to have feature.

When I had driven the Renault Duster (Read Off-roading with Duster AWD) in the pre-launch event with Blogadda at Lavasa I was quite happy with its performance. I am sure the Renault Lodgy with its impressive features would be no less and a great travel buddy on my trips with my daughter.

Renault Lodgy

Renault Lodgy

Source – Here

With its plush interiors, stylish exteriors  chic elegance meets thoughtful functionality to make the Renault Lodgy just as dynamic and eye-catching.


With retractable 3rd row seats for more luggage, Lodgy comes with 207 L storage space that is expandable to 1861 L. It is more than enough to carry my world. It sure would make the apple of my eye comfortable as she takes her afternoon siesta and the interiors cool with roof mounted dual AC.  Flight Tray for drinks and quick bites would pamper my little one. 12V charging socket in all 3 rows, height adjustable seat belts Lodgy spoils you with choice.

Renault Lodgy Interiors

Renault Lodgy Interiors

Source – Here

From next-level entertainment and navigation to cabin-wide cooling and illumination, world-class technology and amenities make driving the Renault Lodgy a superlative experience. 8 way adjustable driver seat with integrated armrest would make my long drives seem short and comfortable.


From speed and impact-based safety technology to devices that prevent theft, the Renault Lodgy comes with an assurance of uncompromising safety. Dual air bags, ABS combined with EBD and Brake Assist Lodgy is packed with features to ensure safety.


The Eco mode keeps a tab on fuel, intuitive audio, phone controls and fingertip control of 7 inch MediaNAV multimedia system keeps me connected to my family on my road trips. Parking is child’s play with the rear parking aid.



Source – Here

Well given a chance I would make the Renault Lodgy my permanent Lodgement and go location independent, a complete nomad with no base to call home. The life that I have always yearned for! As for my daughter, schools are all around the world she sure can join any as we are on the move. Slow Travel the perfect way to explore the world.

Life would be a perfect medley,

As I Take the World

In my faithful Lodgy;

To explore the pearled

Would dreams turn true pretty?

Check out this video to understand more about Renault Lodgy

“I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.”

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4 Comments on “Mother Daughter Getaways

  1. So look forward to read your Mother-kid sojourns…I too dream of taking my son on a trip outside of the city but haven’t taken the plunge as yet. The bicycle idea is great…as we both love biking 🙂

  2. hmmm… travelling with your 6 year daughter?… good luck on that, please be safe and keep her safe too… I am not a tall sure India will be a safe option for women to camp out at night at unknown places, but all these thoughts are exciting. It is good you realised you can’t force a spirit of outdoors on your son… it is good your daughter has shown interest in exploring places… do travel but be safe… goodday, wish more parents are like you, but seriously where is the time thesedays to do anything like that.

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