Oberbaum Bridge Berlin

2015 has been a great year in my travel space as I took baby steps to explore the big wide world. Not that sacrifices weren’t made as I had to make few compromises by putting down my paper after working for thirteen years in the software industry. But travel has taught me something very important that my daily job failed to do – to  live every moment to the fullest. The ride hasn’t been easy as I have had to face the chill wind couple of times in my solo travel ventures….

Mother Daughter

‘ To travel is to take a journey into yourself ‘ This quote by Danny Kaye is something I relate to day in and day out. Travel has taught me so much (Read How traveling changes your life)  that it has revealed the best and the worst in me. I would want my daughter who would turn 6 years old, in a month to see the world, meet strangers and understand their culture, history, experience the pleasures of travel and bring memories from across the globe. Didn’t someone say, To travel is…

Betel Leaf or Paan Stuffing and Beedi

We had reached Keri a village in Ponda, Goa. A wooden bridge over a marshland took me to the other side. I watched the birds chirping and diving into the marshes for their catch. As we reached the entrance of one of Goa’s spice farm we were greeted warmly by the staff with a garland and a tika on the forehead.

Destination One

Four years back when I visited Goa and stayed in one of the GTDC resorts the experience was not worthy to be mentioned. The resort was in the middle of the city and was more like a clubby hole. This time around when I visited Goa and stayed at Miramar Residency I found the resort a decent sanctuary that could be worked upon.

Sunset in Arabian Sea

An edited version of this article was published in the Feb’15 Vistara in-flight magazine. The waves lapped at my feet as the golden disc slipped down the horizon. The sky was smeared with a crimson glow and the balmy shores were picture perfect. I had arrived in the hippy state of Goa, which is well known overseas as the place to party and chill out. As I walked barefoot at  I met Steven who had come down from Britain. “Goa is absolutely cool and I do not have…

Dudhsagar Station

Dudhsagar A modified version of this article was published in The Hindu. I was deep in the forests of Dandeli enjoying the treks and hikes when I got to know, Dudhsagar is just few stations ahead of North Karnataka. I made an impromptu decision of hopping onto the train the next day and head on a day long trip to soak in the sea of milk.