Senado Square in Macau

An edited version of this article was published in Happy Trips  (Times Internet) Macau, the gambling capital is well known for its gaming scene but not many know about the wide variety of cuisines that one gets to savour in this little region. Once a Portuguese colony, today this Special Administrative region of China has strong influences of both these cultures. One can savour a varied platter of Portuguese, Cantanese and Chinese cuisines when in Macau. Macau is continuously expanding by reclaiming land from sea. It is made up…

Dragon of Fortune Show at The Wynn Hotel in Macau

An edited version of this article was published in the February 2016 issue of Vistara in flight magazine. Macau is a classic example of the East meets West kind of story. An amalgamation of European culture from 500 years of Portuguese colonization and Oriental culture with strong Chinese influences this SAR (Special Administrative Region) with odd polarities has loads of surprises in store for its visitors.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin

2015 has been a great year in my travel space as I took baby steps to explore the big wide world. Not that sacrifices weren’t made as I had to make few compromises by putting down my paper after working for thirteen years in the software industry. But travel has taught me something very important that my daily job failed to do – to  live every moment to the fullest. The ride hasn’t been easy as I have had to face the chill wind couple of times in my solo travel ventures….

Ruins of St. Paul

This blog post was selected for the Blogadda Tangy Tuesday Picks Macau is a SAR (Special Administrative Region) which has a separate political system from that of the Peoples Republic of China. It has high autonomy and the region comes directly under the Central People’s Government. Having said that Macau is a peninsula of Mainland China across the South China sea and the Pearl River Delta. It is rightly called the Las Vegas of Asia as the gaming industry contributes to most of its revenue closely followed by tourism and hospitality. As Macau was…