Vienna Tram Haltestelle Parlament

Reaching Vienna hadn’t been easy with the refugee crisis situation in Europe. When I had approached one of the BAHN officials in Augsburg, Germany for getting my European East Pass activated he immediately said, now is not the right time to visit Austria as trains aren’t running on a daily basis. My heart sank despite the fact that I was on my way to the Oktoberfest. I reached out to the officials in the Munich train station. As I stood in the English speaking queue an officer with…

Holocaust Memorial Berlin

The other day my six year old daughter Kavya asked me “Mama what does adventure mean?” I looked at her for few moments and wondered how to explain this complicated yet so simple term to her. To make it easy I decided to tell her a story that actually started with her.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin

2015 has been a great year in my travel space as I took baby steps to explore the big wide world. Not that sacrifices weren’t made as I had to make few compromises by putting down my paper after working for thirteen years in the software industry. But travel has taught me something very important that my daily job failed to do – to  live every moment to the fullest. The ride hasn’t been easy as I have had to face the chill wind couple of times in my solo travel ventures….

Dinner with Tyroleans in Innsbruck

I reached Innsbruck after loads of apprehensions considering the fact that it wasn’t advisable to travel towards the East European regions due to the refugee situation. When I inquired at Augsburg train station in Germany I was told by one of the BAHN officials, “It isn’t safe to travel to East Europe now, trains are getting cancelled. Yesterday trains from Germany didn’t operate to that side but today it is operating you never know the situation two days later when you are planning to travel. It isn’t advisable…