Oberbaum Bridge Berlin

2015 has been a great year in my travel space as I took baby steps to explore the big wide world. Not that sacrifices weren’t made as I had to make few compromises by putting down my paper after working for thirteen years in the software industry. But travel has taught me something very important that my daily job failed to do – to  live every moment to the fullest. The ride hasn’t been easy as I have had to face the chill wind couple of times in my solo travel ventures….

Hyderabad's Charminar

An edited version of this article was published in May’15 Vistara in-flight magazine as A tryst with the past Hyderabad the pearl of India has always been in the hot seat for power struggle, art, craft and its glory in Persian poems. Each and every facet of this city is immersed in the beauty of its history that has faded to time immemorial. The city has a blend of old world charm in its streets and the development of the new age era in its HITEC city. Hyderabad…

Marigold by Green Park

My trip to Hyderabad in January’15 was more like an impromptu decision one that was decided couple of days before the travel. This one was with hubby dear and my first travel for the year 2015. I normally prefer staying with the locals but in Hyderabad I couldn’t find in a short period any homestays that would interest me. So I decided to splurge a bit and went ahead with a high end hotel Marigold by Green Park at Begumpet.