Ceylon Frogmouth

“Thattekad yetti”, murmured Sabu from the driver seat hinting that we have neared my destination in the local parlance. Groggily I scanned the dark surroundings from the confines of the car. We had left the traffic of Kochi late evening when the sky had opened up and I had unknowingly sunken into my languor. As I entered my room in the homestay I found a lone framed photograph of three unappealing birds captioned as the Ceylon Frogmouth perched on the table. Later over dinner I noticed pictures of…

Holocaust Memorial Berlin

The other day my six year old daughter Kavya asked me “Mama what does adventure mean?” I looked at her for few moments and wondered how to explain this complicated yet so simple term to her. To make it easy I decided to tell her a story that actually started with her.