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The other day my six year old daughter Kavya asked me “Mama what does adventure mean?” I looked at her for few moments and wondered how to explain this complicated yet so simple term to her. To make it easy I decided to tell her a story that actually started with her.

Sea Gulls

 Sea Gulls at Tsunami Island I was on my way to the Tsunami Island in Devbagh on a boat when I spotted a noisy colony of the sea gulls. Few flew above the ground while some stood close to the lapping water. They were an amazing sight to be watched.   For many such sky stories visit http://skyley.blogspot.com/  

Koli Women

Dear Kavya, Hope you are doing well. I am sure as usual you would be well prepared for your forthcoming exams. My best wishes are always with you. Just yesterday I was thinking that soon you would be out of college. Now that you have spent two decades of your life in your academics I am sure you would have learnt a lot. You have always been well read and up to date with the latest happenings.

Koli Woman

I sat beside her as she washed the vessels with ash. She was a septuagenarian draped in a kasta. Kasta is a sari draped in the Maharashtrian style by tucking it at the back around the waist. I couldn’t stop thinking if I would be so fit at her age. Though she spoke the local dialect Malvani, I could decipher it due to its Marathi influence.

Devbhag Fishermen

This is my second post on Devbagh. For the first post visit – Devbagh As I walked around the sleepy village (sleepy because it isn’t frantic like Mumbai or for that matter not even close to the subdued Pune) of Devbagh I found myself passing by the fishermen folk. They were either busy mending their fishing nets or preparing for the next catch. Their attire seemed different in comparison to the Harnai fishermen who were more traditional in their Koli attire.

Devbagh Sunset

Sunset at the Rock Gardens, Malvan a small town in Western Maharashtra. The honey glow on the sea was a beautiful sight to watch. Sunrises and Sunsets are always  mesmerizing and captivating. I love to drink its beauty and melt in its changing spectacles. For beautiful skywatch stories visit http://skyley.blogspot.in/

Sunrise at Devbagh

Devbagh is a sleepy town at the farthest end of the Konkan belt in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. It took us a good ten hours drive from Pune via Kolhapur to reach this town which also included breaks in between for lunch and breakfast. As like all villages in Konkan it is abundant in cashew and coconut trees, mangroves and the ubiquitous fish. En route to Devbagh the air was filled with the aroma of the mango blooms that were in abundance. It was the flowering season of the mangoes.