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Sunrise at Devbagh

Devbagh is a sleepy town at the farthest end of the Konkan belt in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. It took us a good ten hours drive from Pune via Kolhapur to reach this town which also included breaks in between for lunch and breakfast. As like all villages in Konkan it is abundant in cashew and coconut trees, mangroves and the ubiquitous fish. En route to Devbagh the air was filled with the aroma of the mango blooms that were in abundance. It was the flowering season of the mangoes.

We opted for a homestay with Omkar Resort a decent place surrounded by coconut trees and hammocks. Over the three days that we stayed in this place we had all varieties of fish fry and curries in Malvani style, sol kadi not to forget the famous Kombadi Vade (country chicken had with a puri like accompaniment). Food was prepared in-house by Ninad’s mother the owner of the place.

Devbagh Homestay

Devbagh Homestay

Omkar Resort

The next day we started early from the Karli river jetty on a boat powered by a Yamaha engine. I must say dawn and dusk bring out the best panoramic views during the day and for a computer geek like me who is mostly glued to the boring desktops it is mesmerizing.


Dolphins in Arabian Sea

As we set for an action packed day we first dropped anchor at the Devbagh Sangam the confluence of river Karli and the Arabian Sea. This spot is also the place where dolphins frequent. One needs to be there early in the morning to catch them prancing around as they do not come out when the temperature rises up.

Next we visited the Nivti Beach via Vengurla. This beach has many rocks and is untouched by the commercial chaos. A small expanse of land with nature’s beauty at its best.

Nivti Beach
Rocks at Nivti Beach
Nivti Beach
Nivti Beach

We then headed for the Tsunami island as the name suggests this island was formed when tsunami hit the Indian Ocean. This place is a heaven for individuals interested in action packed adventure. There are a plethora of water sports available for those seeking adrenaline pumping activities. Jet ski, Banana ride, Motor Boat, Bouncing Ride etc.

Jet Ski at Tsunami Island

Jet Ski at Tsunami Island

Cricket at tsunami Island

Cricket on Tsunami Island


We treated ourselves here to the delicious Malvan delicacy Ghavan chutney and Ukadeeche Modak.




 All in all a satisfying and an interesting day I would say. We were close to nature and could enjoy its beauty and changing colors far from the burgeoning city life. 

Devbagh doesn’t end here there is more to it and you would get to view it through my eyes in the coming posts.

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