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Not so straight Hair Stories

Hair Stories


Silky ran across the meadows;
For she was solemn
Her hair hath not grown long;
But were a tangled mess

Her mother oiled and combed;
Tried to manage the unmanageable
She pulled and tugged the mane;
But they belonged to Wild Wild West

She lay down flat on a board;
Her mother nailed her hair
As like Gulliver, she lay for hours;
But they not care
         She opened the flight window;
Put her head out
Hoping the wind would do its job
But they not care

She heard that shock does it
Watched hair raising movies;
Hair connected to the power supply;
But they not care

She lay on the road
Road roller climbed on;
Tresses went through steel rolling mills
But they not care

She drank the Hair Raising Potion;
Courtesy Harry Potter et all
Rat Tails added and more;
But they not care


She sat on the wizard’s broom;
And went for a Quidditch match
She did meet Harry;
But they not care


She invoked the superheros
Lay hanging by her hair; in Spiderman’s web
The Phantom placed The Good Mark;
Mandrake spelled his magic;
But they not care

She went bungee jumping;
The earth pulled her to its core
She plummeted down straight;
But not her hair
Finally Silky heard Sun does it all
On a solar eclipse she stood;
Hair left loose and washed
The sun kissed hair;
Felt soft and smooth;
For they stood straight and tall
Sun made Silk[y’s] hair straight after all !!

What is your wackiest idea to straighten your hair?

This post is my contribution to the Indiblogger The Straight Hair Experiment contest held in association with Sunsilk

The pictures in this post do not belong to me and have been taken from other sites


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