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An Aerogramme to your loved one

Giveaway Time!

Write an Aerogramme to your loved one under 400 words and stand a chance to win

Tania James’ Aerogrammes.

Send your entries to

Last September Random House India had launched this contest of writing an Aerogramme to your Loved One .

I sent my entry to Rukun and she in return sent me a copy of Tania James Aerogrammes.


Dear Karthik, Hope you are doing well. I haven’t heard from you since sometime, probably some delay in the postal system. I do check with Raghu Kaka every day if he has any letters from you. Its three months now since you went on the warfront but it feels like ages. I still haven’t got accustomed to the feeling of not seeing you around. Every knock on the door brings in that hope that it might be you clad in the uniform with that glint in your eyes. But I am sure it wouldn’t be long that the days of war are over and there is peace around.  When the women around the neighborhood talk to me about your whereabouts I swell in pride that my husband is out at the frontier fighting for our country and for the safety of our fellow countrymen. Veer seems to be getting impatient in your absence. He misses the cycle rides and the tussles with you. His boat is left unfinished since the day you left. I asked him to rig it but seem he wants it to be done when you are around. He is doing well in school but it would be better if he works on Maths.  Maths wasn’t my forte either and it was you who had always sat with him to get his sums done.  Couple of days back I met his teacher she did seem to be happy with his progress. He keeps asking me when you would be back and I assure him it would be soon. It is festive time now and Ganesh Chaturthi is being celebrated with pomp and show all around the town. Just yesterday Lord Ganesha was welcomed into our neighborhood and set up in a beautifully decorated gazebo. Veer loves to spend time in the pandaal with his friends. He has been participating in all the activities planned during the ten day period. He is always in the forefront for every aarti and very enthusiastic about the festive spirit. I am happy that it keeps him engaged. The flower beds in the backyard have started to bud. The Pentas, Roses, Lilies and the Gladioli are soon to flower. It’s the beginning of a new era a new season. We will bask in the beauty of the blooms together. Eagerly waiting for you, come Home soon.
With Love,Gayatri


Have you written an aerogramme to your loved ones?


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