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It’s all the same

Its all the same

Title: It’s all the same

Author: Nina Sabnani

ISBN: 93-5046-167-6

Publisher: Tulika Books

Age: 5+ years
Source: Publisher
Well here I am back from a brief hiatus thanks to Aneesha and the Tulika team for waking me from my slumber. 

Few months back I participated in the Celebrating Our Myth blogfest held by Tulika books. I had given my contribution on the same lines and was lucky to be declared a winner.   The result I was the owner of the book It’s all the same.
Mythological stories keep me captivated. The colorful folklore bring in the element of enigma interspersed with a good dose of our culture. As we travel across the breadth and length of our country one gets to hear various versions and interpretations of the same message.
This creation has a unique concept in its background that I wasn’t aware of before. Well Kaavadiya bhaats are the storytellers from Rajasthan and they use kaavads to  narrate a story. Kaavads are portable shrines that are colorfully painted and are a visual treat considering the beautiful illustrations. It looks like a box and as each door is opened a new story is pictorially displayed. It sure would keep the kids glued. 
It’s all the same is one such attempt to hold the reader’s attention and I must say the author has done full justice to this piece of work. The pictures speak volumes and the vibrant graphics manage to withhold the little ones attention. Satyanarayanan Suthaar has given his best shot through his artistic hand.
The book conveys the tradition that is followed in every Hindu household of praying to Lord Ganesha before starting any new activity. The same message is conveyed through two different stories told by Pappuram and Kojaram (Kaavadiya Bhaata) that do not overlap in any sense. The language is simple and lucid.
All in all a good read for bed time stories with kids around. 



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