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Sponsored : Comparison of Oyo and Zo Rooms

Zo Rooms

Okay Folks, we know that many of you may have thought of trying both companies that claim to offer best rooms in another city at affordable costs. So, we have prepared a brief comparative analysis of both companies for those of you who wish to explore India. Do have a look and draw your own conclusions on which one do you prefer.

What’s similar between Oyo and Zo Rooms?

Why should you think of trying either of the companies? Well, because they are cost effective and offer standardized rooms. All the rooms offered by both companies would come with a free Wi-Fi (which almost every person craves these days), an AC room, clean & hygienic atmosphere, a TV and complementary breakfast.  Both companies also allow you to book rooms across various cities with their mobile apps. Both the companies also claim to have an excellent customer service team that will be there to answer any and all questions in a flawless manner.

What are the differences between Oyo Rooms and Zo Rooms Services?

As we don’t want you to think that we are biased towards any of these companies we have listed the differences in precise points. You can read these and decide which ones are in the favor of one company and which ones are not.

  • The cancellation time of Oyo Rooms is 24 hours before check in but Oyo Rooms expect you to cancel before a week of check in to get a refund.
  • Customers have reported that the price charged by Zo Rooms is slightly higher than Oyo Rooms, even Oyo Premium.
  • Zo Rooms offers hot and cold water in all rooms. This service is not highlighted by Oyo Rooms.
  • Zo rooms conduct regular quality audits of all the rooms to maintain quality standards and Oyo Rooms doesn’t seem to be following such policies.
  • Customers have attested to the fact that Oyo Rooms helped them get a room when they couldn’t find a room anywhere else in the city.
  • Customers have also reported that the rooms offered by Zo Rooms are very spacious and the ambiance is great.
  • The website of Oyo Rooms seems to be offering more discounts as compared to Zo Rooms.
  • Oyo Rooms has better marketing strategies as it has risen from 1 property in Jan 2013 to over 2000 properties in 2015.
  • Zo Rooms offers accommodation in over 36 cities but Oyo Rooms has accommodations in over 104 cities.
  • Zo Rooms has better categorization of cities and the users who want to explore city wise can easily do so at the homepage.

Well, after going through the service similarities and differences between Oyo Rooms and Zo Rooms we can only say that both of them have their own USP’s. A user should try both if needed and stick to the brand that better serves his needs. After all, every person has his own definition of comfort and cost effectiveness. Don’t you think?

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