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Home Sweet Home

I came out of Chatrapati Shivaji Airport to be greeted by dust, noise, mad traffic and chaos. But that was what I wanted, which I had missed for the last 2 months. The well disciplined traffice in Britain/Canada didn’t interest me or the muffins, shortbreads for that matter. I wanted the hot , sultry tropical climate of India, the bumpy roads with crazy traffic, the spicy Punjabi food, tangy South Indian items and wholesome balanced – Maharashtrian thali. It made me feel AT HOME.

I was sweating in Mumbai’s humid weather, my tee-shirt stuck to me as a second layer of skin but it still seemed heaven. I felt secure. 🙂

Why ? For the simple reason that I missed my people, our food, my friendly neighbourhood, the feeling of being around your near and dear ones, the comfort feeling of being at a place that you have lived for the last 30 years – MY INDIA.

This feeling, I wouldn’t get elsewhere anytime…. However freindly, courteous were the Canadians and the British but I never felt secure as in my homeland.

I am back for good at last.


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