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Bomb Blast

This Diwali we purchased crackers for my 4 year old son. When he was a year old he saw his father blast a bomb (cracker) in front of him that made him burst into tears out of fright. the very next day he was running with high temperature.

So this time we got just the mild ones – flower pot, sparklers, fire pencil and the chakri. The gun that was bought was played with without the roll caps else it was for me or my husband to play with the caps.

On 28th he went downstairs with his father armed with a packet of crackers, to return back after sometime with his hands covering his ears. The reason being there is BOMB BLAST downstairs and hence he doesn’t want to go down. 🙂

Made me smile at the little one’s innocence and the wrong choice of words.

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One Comment on “Bomb Blast

  1. I saw some of ur posts, they are short and sweet. But I wanted to give my 2 cents here.
    I liked the way you tried to give it a soft-humorous touch, but if we as a human review the situation, it is not that rosy. A kid of his tender age has to hear about bomb blasts. No doubt we are in the age where world is a smaller place due to various news media. But what is the sideeffect? Not only that he has to learn to be mature and grow up faster then we ever did, but has to live in a shadow of fear for most of their life due to high competion, pollution, terrorism etc etc. I don’t remember hearing the word bomb blast until i was in 9th standard. I got the first hand brunt of Mumbai Riots and overnight my views were different, I learned to be scared in the society where otherwise I was very safe and secure. I doubt our kids will be able to stay innocent until their teenage like we ever did. But I admire your point of view, I just wonder how can we protect the coming generation.

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