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Nature- my best companion

Wonders of Nature ! A resplendent view of the grandeurs of the Lord. Have you ever cherished any of his enchanting creations? A sight which could never be forgotten.

The sun dazzling out with its first ray and the mountains basking in its radiance. DAWN ! a sight which makes you hold your breath. The sparkling water gurgling down the valley all lithe and lissome. One would feel like running down the slopes and drowning into one of His multitude works. A large vicissitude from the burgeoning city life and living in tranquility. The white puffs sailing down the heavenly blue sky, sending out the brilliant beams of the multitude rays of the SUN.’ The Fingers of God’ an epitome symbolizing his presence in and around us. His fingers reaching out to touch and care for us, showing his grace all over us. An array of a thousand flights all hovering and embellishing the beauties.

And then He brings in numerous changes in His work. Palette filled with bright colours, He sends out streaks of a variety of shades. Every moment bringing in a new panorama to be surrounded by. The streaks of orange and red all splashed over the sky with the touch of DUSK. The birds enjoying their freedom to reach any part of this world and witness His artifacts return to their kith and kin.

Such are his beauteous creations. Wish I could carve a niche for myself in this utopia and drown myself into solitude.


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