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Unconditional Love

Have you ever checked the vastness of the ocean its calmness, its ferocity? Its at its own will, without any boundaries or restrictions. The large expanse of the sky with its limitless borders and the flocks of birds free to reach any part of this world – freedom, unconditional love without any strings attached to it, is this possible in today’s world?

There are so many lessons that we can learn from Nature, but man is caught in this web of relations and has his own set of self created norms that binds him. As an individual I wish I could have pursued a career that interested me but my parents had their own aspirations so needless to say I had to abide by their rules. As a daughter-in-law you need to care for your in laws interests before you could even think about your priorities. As a son you need to care for your parents as well as wife’s feelings and need to satisfy both of them without even hurting the other party. Its a tight rope walk where you lose your happiness in the bargain against satisfying others needs.

Why can’t man lead a life without any expectations from anyone and live life to his terms? Can’t he lead a life the way he wants to, as in the wind free to caress and blow in the direction it wants- self driven unlike man who is driven by others interests. Sacrifice your own interests, happiness in the wake of fulfilling others desires. Its always said that the more you try to curb someone with your own interests the more he/she will drift away from you. Its like clutching tightly a handful of sand, so that you don’t lose it, but in the long run you realize that you have been losing particles of sand and in the end you are left with nothing.

Have you watched the movie Life is Beautiful which depicts the unconditional love the father showers on his son? Roberto Benigni’s character always teaches his son the goodness in the worst of the situations. Its all about the perception that one has towards his/her life. Its for us to take the best of it. Its also about the unconditional love that the father gives to his son even at the brink of his death.

I somehow haven’t been able to fathom this whole thing completely, might be in the long run of life I could actually relate to it and figure out my quest for happiness.


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4 Comments on “Unconditional Love

  1. I liked it a lot!!
    It shows your real life experience and the depth and view towards the life… Its really close to everyones life and the unconditional love is true thats hidden part of life.

  2. I think it is how you take you life . And it is quite a relative term . According to you do you think there is no one in the world is happy or who has never got unconditional i say it is false . you can always find unconditional love from you mother this is what i felt . And my belief is the amount of happiness for every person is equal . some maybe get it in his childhood and some in there later stages in the life .Being optimistic is more important than thinking of the condition you need to follow to satisfy people .I live my life every moment and which keeps me happy . Why think of future and be sad when you can enjoy the current moments .

  3. Everyone wants to be happy. What is real happiness ? Do we ever think about that. what is good ? what is bad ? If you can answer these questions correctly then you will never have to go in search of happiness. You would realize its right there beside you.
    – Shan

  4. I would say that unconditional love(term sounds a bit filmy ;)) is truly rare , but not extinct for sure.

    But is doing something in return for someone close to you , always a compromise?
    Meaning we do give a return gift to people who attend the party.
    Its not a rule to give something back, but a way to thank the guest for his presence.A gesture to thank him to remove some time to be part of our good and bad moments.

    loosing to achieve something good , is not a bad bargain at all.We do let our little ones win , just to see a smile on their face. should this gesture be termed as a sacrifice. Or is this not happiness?
    Thinking of what we achieved or lost ,does spoil the
    truthness(beauty) of the relationship.

    Being happy purely depeneds on the way a person thinks about it.Which may vary from person to person. Some are contented whereas some wait for their long search to end.

    Having said all this not sure if these thoughts vary when people have more relationships to be bind to.

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