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Moral Policing

Yesterday like any other day I left home for my office on my 2 wheeler and reached the ever crowded and jam packed University circle. I slowed down to the pace of the slow moving traffic to find a couple perched 🙂 on their bike. Well the guy was driving his Pulser and the girl was behind him on the pillion seat. She was completely leaning on him and holding him tightly as if she would fall any moment. I know kids hold their parents when they sit on the pillion seat but thats because they shouldn’t fall down, but do grown up girls also fear the same- phobia? I wondered how would the guy be driving, I mean if someone has put in his/her weight completely on you then how can you drive comfortably? Not me !!!!

I remember sometime back one of my colleagues hitched a ride on my Scooty and she was leaning on me (not the way the girl was leaning on her boyfriend) during the whole ride. I found it pretty difficult to drive. Do guys enjoy girls holding them tightly or is it that they get claustrophobic but don’t mention, like me? 🙂

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5 Comments on “Moral Policing

  1. Hi

    There’s a Blogcamp taking place in Pune next month. The registrations have already started. Take a look at their wiki and add you name to it. This is a good platform to discuss about Blogs and Blogosphere.


  2. If a girl leans against a boy with full body weight, the guy doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Atleast in driving a bike 😉

    And YES, guys (but only with girls ) do like it and even girls (with only boys) too.
    PS: that’s why you didn’t felt anything becuase your friend was girl not boy 😉

    Unfortunately I can’t give more inputs on this as I havn’t experienced such a heavenly pleasure. 🙂

    But you as a friend have asked me for comment on this and as you are good friend of mine, so only for you my dear friend I will try to first experience it 4-5 times and get back to you as soon as possible 🙂

    Will try to explore feelings in Pune / Bangalore etc and will tell you more how feeling differs with city also 😀

    Need to do some research work on this 😉

  3. Hi,

    Why dont you just try it out with your hubby and ask his exp on how he feels it:)… you will know if the chemistry still exists??

    There are some momemnts to be just cherished.. and one of them is this…so it might be one of them for the couple….

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