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Need for a friend

My mom wasn’t keeping well for sometime, she was taking some medicines which were having some side effects on her. At this juncture I travelled to Bangalore on an official tour. A day later my husband mailed me saying that my moms condition wasn’t good enough, so he has brought her to our home. 3 days later I reached Pune and entered my home to find my mother in a pathetic state. Forget standing on her legs, she wasn’t even in a state to get up from the bed. My MIL with 2 of my aunts who had come down to check on my mum for an hour were tending to her. Looking at my mother’s condition it scared the hell out of me. She wasn’t in a condition to recognize people. I suddenly felt guilty, angry and was scared to death. She couldn’t talk, was whispering and we had to get our ears close to her mouth to decipher her words. I didn’t want to stand in front of her, didn’t have the courage to look at her.

She was admitted to the hospital and was in ICU for 2 days. Later they shifted her to a private ward. She remained in hospital for 5 days. Her Sodium levels had gone down – dehydration was the reason. Her hands and legs were so stiff. Had to start with physiotherapist treatment.

The whole episode scared the hell out of me. It took a toll on me physically, but the worst was mentally. The day I came back from Bangalore I felt like running away to some far away place and lie down on someone’s lap. Wanted to find solace in someones company, wanted to hear words of comfort. Wished that someone could hug me and take away all the tensions, problems, pains from me. Being a female you really feel the need for a friend to vent out your anger, frustration, pain, to empathize with you and in whose company you find comfort. Of course you should believe that person and also feel close to call him/her your best friend.

During that whole period I missed this individual called FRIEND. I really wonder how do guys handle the whole thing? They tend to withdraw into a shell and don’t come out of it till they find a solution to it. Don’t open up and keep things to themselves. Surely not possible by a female. At least not by me. I was just wondering the title of this post sounds like an advertisement with regards to a vacancy for the post of a friend, doesn’t it? Anyways till date … in search of a friend 🙂

P.S. My mother is on the road to recovery, touch wood I wish that she is soon back to normal.


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3 Comments on “Need for a friend

  1. Very happy to read the last line that you posted over here.
    May god keep your mothers health sound always.

    You can find the friend anywhere around. you just need to be open minded plus you need to water the plant of friendship until it becomes a big tree.
    So you need to initiate the friendship and try to come close to people, that way you will have lots n lots of friends.

  2. Hey Rathina,
    I know we are miles apart but i am there always! You can talk to me anytime or message me on FB! Hope aunty is doing well now. Talk to you soon. Message me your phone number on FB.

    Take care,

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