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65 % Feminist

Well you guys might wonder what a weird title, but thats what was the result of the test that I gave at BLOGTHINGS

On Friday over lunch myself and my friend had a discussion with one of our male colleagues regarding women being career minded. Now one of my colleagues had recently put down her papers as she will soon be getting married and will fly to USA with her hubby as he will be on site for more than a year. Now my male colleague was of the opinion why should she have left the job, she could have continued in our company after coming back to India etc…. Now leave apart the technical aspect of this being possible or not (i.e. whether the company will take her after a year) but I said I don’t think she is a career minded girl. As per him there is no such concept of career, its all about money and love for your work.

Myself and my friend said that its not necessary that a female would leave her job on the pretext of marriage, but it could be any of these reasons – delivery, dear hubby not wanting a modern wife, in laws not wanting a working daughter-in-law etc. He wouldn’t agree to these reasons. Of course this is the reality of LIFE. We talk of Women getting liberated, out of domestic violence, working shoulder to shoulder with other men etc….. But I have known females who have left their job to take care of their kid post delivery as in laws have refused to take care of the little one in spite of theirs being a joint family, also females leaving their job post marriage as in laws/husband don’t want a working female in their family.

My friend voiced her opinion that a women shouldn’t leave her job post marriage as men take her for granted and she isn’t given the respect, importance that she deserves as a wife or daughter-in-law. Well of course she is a part and parcel of your life and you need to give that respect to your wife. I have known a family where the husband had finalized a house to be bought and showed it to his son-in-law, son but he never felt the need to show it to his wife after 30 years of marriage. Is this the respect that she deserves for standing by you in the thick and thin of life?

I like to go to work, because of my love for it and also I find it a means of keeping myself out of unwanted thoughts and come on men my parents haven’t educated me to sit at home and just scrub the floor, you could say its escapism. 🙂 It gives me a sense of security that tomorrow if the need arises I can take care of myself and my kid.

Well I guess thats the result of my opinions, views – 65% FEMINIST 🙂 But do you think its possible to lead a married life being a 100% feminist, I don’t think so in today’s world – INDIAN SOCIETY IS STILL CONSERVATIVE


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6 Comments on “65 % Feminist

  1. Well it’s absolutely true that women have to leave their jobs post marriage or upon having children.
    But that’s not the only way, because you can find some kind of another path to follow to keep your career on track.
    Considering the case of your friend who went to US, can find a job over there and be occupied throughout the day rather being empty minded most of the time.
    If girls have to leave their job because their in-laws don’t want the daughter-in-law to work is their old way of thinking but it is you and UR life partner who needs to convince them .Ultimately they are human beings and can change their opinion/perception.
    So what i could say that your life partner is the one who should help you in finding a proper solution to such a scenario.

  2. But not all life partners support their wifes in their endeavors its the REALITY OF LIFE. I would say times are changing but India still isn’t completely liberal w.r.t Women we have a long way to go.

  3. I think she should with a person who respects her standing in the society the person who restricts her is not at all a perfect guy for her in the long run. And now a days is not tough to get such open minded guys .


  4. that only suggests that the person who is your life partner dose not deserve to be your life partner.
    Because what life partner means that the person should understand your feelings without you speaking any word.
    This does happen in real life in India as well.

  5. I appreciate the thought process behind this article. I agree that even today India has majority of population who thinks’ woman’s place is in the Kitchen.It will change and change for good. But I just think that during this transition the one who suffers the most is your child, since (s)he doesn’t get enough time/attention from either of the parents, so If both partners are completely career minded then it might be best not to have any children.
    I am also of the opinion that only one Person should/can be Head of the family at a given point of time in terms of decision making and other partner has no choice but to support.
    We shall look at the woman closely, she is one who almost always worries about self respect,self importance. I think it is because of the way they are brought up in India, you can always hear people telling their daughters to behave properly while they let their sons do all the nonsense in the world, so I think that for a liberated India, the change should start in the way we treat our own kids equally irrespective of the sex

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