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I have just started learning to be diplomatic in my professional life though given a chance I would never prefer to be diplomatic in my professional or personal life. I would prefer to convey my thoughts and opinions point blank such that it is taken on face value. But then in the corporate world you get to meet people wherein tone down your choice of words to convey your message. The opposite person would not like to take things in a point blank manner.

But then this is the corporate world, what about our personal lives? Is it OK to be diplomatic in your personal life to avoid confrontations? But then don’t you think that you would be losing on the personal connection with your near and dear ones if you time and again have to keep playing with words to convey your thoughts? Or is that the better option considering our fast paced life where we don’t have time to spend happy hours with our loved ones forget confrontations?

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2 Comments on “Diplomacy

  1. According to me you have to be diplomatic both at work and at home too sometimes…sometimes saying things right on the face may even lead to misundertandings in a relationship. Of course it will convey your thoughts better and clearly but it might not help much to solve the problem…infact it might lead to some problems. Even your loved ones including your husband, inlaws, parents, children might misunderstand you if you say something right on the face. So you have to find out what kind of a person is on the other side. Accordingly you have to be diplomatic or straightforward and learn to use both whenever needed. I would love to be straightforward but over the years i have learnt that being diplomatic helps more than being straightforward in a relationship.

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