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3 Idiots

I caught up with this movie yesterday in a late night show. Hirani’s product is worth a watch ……… Based on Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone Rajkumar has tried to drive home the point that

  • The current education system needs to be changed to acquire knowledge and not just memorize and excel in academics.
  • Be honest and don’t get into malpractices to clear your exams.
  • Follow your heart as that is when you achieve true happiness.
  • A message to all the parents to not pressurize their kids.

This has been conveyed in a very subtle way. It isn’t hard hitting but surely makes you think about it. I wish I could have convinced my father then after my HSC to get into Journalism and not into Engg. today I wouldn’t be in search of that contentment that I crave for…..

The story has been told in a very light and breezy manner……it winds through the current lives of the actors and their past intermittently. Kareena is like a breath of fresh air in all her scenes. She has potrayed her role effortlessly. Boman as usual gives full justice to his role as the mean, taskmaster VIRUS with a lisp. Sharman and Madhavan as supporting actors have done a good job, though Maddy could have reduced his weight for his role as an Engg student.

But the ACE in the PACK is surely Aamir, he excels as Rancho. If you watch a Rajnikant movie it would be out and out Rajni movie, he wold have a punchline some unique action/ mannersim for every movie of his. Rajini would be larger than the movie…but Aamir gets into the skin of Rancho and never once are you made to feel its an Aamir Khan movie. He looks like a college going 22 year old and not a 40 year old. Hats off to him.

The story is so simple yet makes you rake your grey cells. It has been beautifully told with lots of light moments especially when Chatur gets on the screen – be it the CHAMATKAR/BALATKAR scenes or the comic scenes between the trisome on their drive to Ladakh. Chatur matches to the experienced stalwarts of this movie. There isnt much to be talked about on the music of this movie – 3 songs which aren’t chartbusters but breezy ones that you could give a ear.

You take home pleasant memories of Phunsukh Wangdu the individual with 400 patents under his belt. Makes me wonder of this patent churning identity who should have filed at least 40 per year to reach 4 centuries mark over a decade. 🙂

3 Idiots not as comical as Munnabhai but truly worth a dekho for Rancho.

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