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Kuflon Basics

Kuflon Basics

When I reached Uttar Kashi I got into a discussion with a juice vendor at the market. One look at me and he realized I wasn’t a local. After the initial greetings he asked me where am I headed to. When I mentioned Kuflon his face beamed and excitedly he mentioned when you reach Kuflon the only sound that you would hear is that of your breath, birds and brooks.

When I reached Kuflon as the vendor stated I did expect a serene and beautiful setting but I was taken in for a surprise. Kuflon Basics a homestay nestled in the valley of Assi Ganga in Kuflon village was far away from civilization where it is fresh and intoxicating mountain air that gives you company along with the gurgling stream and the chirping birds. The Garhwal region of Uttarakhand is a visual treat for the sore eyes used to seeing the burgeoning city life.

Beautiful Views

Kuflon changes every hour of the day. There were days when I soaked in the beauty of the trees and flowers around the homestay. Oaks, Walnut, Pine, Lemon, Apple and various flowering plants are found around the property. While there were days when Kuflon basics was enveloped in a mist post the showers. It was absolutely picture perfect as the Whistling Schoolboy and the Barbet were busy with their chirrup.

Approach and Accomodation

The last few kilometers of the road to the homestay could be bumpy thanks to the rains. As I write this review the roads are being worked upon. One needs to hike the last 150 meters to reach the property.The staff does help you with your luggage. The property has 5 spacious rooms and 3 tents. The rooms have attached bath while the residents in the tent would have access to shared baths.

Fireplace at Kuflon Basics

Fireplace at Kuflon Basics


Food and Network

Food in the property is served in a quaint dinning area. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is served in the premises. Meals are simple home made food with veggies, rotis (Indian bread), rice, salad, dal and sweet which I loved and devoured upon. Everything was organic and pure.

The cellular service provider that worked well was Idea. When I visited the property, the BSNL tower had been erected but wasn’t functional. If you would want to access internet Anil the host could lend you a dongle.


There aren’t any television sets in the property. The basic idea is you get to enjoy the company of nature, chill around and soak in its beauty.

  • Bird Watching
  • Star Gazing
  • Cooking – I did cook South Indian delicacies at the property  🙂
  • Bonfire
  • Reading the stock of books available in the property
  • Indoor games available in the property
Nature's Pool in Kuflon

Nature’s Pool in Kuflon


Angling was very much in focus in this valley until the floods when they got washed away. You can go on hikes and treks to various places around the property –

  • Walk to Kuflon Village to get a view of the Pahadi life
  • Hike to a natural pool up the mountains and take a dip in nature’s swimming pool
  • Visit villages like Agoda and Seku
  • Trek to Doditaal
  • Ayana Devi
  • Nachiket Taal

There are many more which Anil would help you work on the logistics and the itinerary. Both Anil and Shree are wonderful hosts who ensure guests are well taken care of. Kuflon Basics is the perfect place for rejuvenation and getting recharged.

Visit for further details. Contact –  +91-8475821681, +91-9412004217 or email –

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