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The fixation called Himalayas

Sela Pass in Arunachal Pradesh

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough goes a popular quote by Rabindranath Tagore. When you are in the company of nature nothing beats those moments of tranquility and serenity. Each moment brings out a new lease of life and you live every count of it.

My love affair with the mighty Himalayas started with my trip to Arunachal Pradesh. The gigantic peaks  with the snow drenched slopes leave you in a state of trance. There is nothing better than to wake up to the sight of the streaks of golden light pouring onto the sierra. I call it The fingers of God for their magnificence and the golden halo that they spread across. In the background the sky splashed with a myriad hues brings in a dramatic effect. The glaciers, beautiful glacial lakes that freeze in the winter and lay a white carpet for you to walk, hot springs and the snow covered pine trees with picturesque waterfalls are an absolute delight for the nature lovers.  

She wears a shroud of enigma that is bewitching and captivating. The Himalayas beckon you and once you sink into this love affair you are hooked for life. There is no looking back such is its magnetic effect and appeal that it is a life long commitment. As the mist envelopes and she is covered in a cloak she radiates an aura of mysticism.

These ranges that spread across from the North to the East of India offer the intrepid like me a large scope to explore and  experience. The Himalayas lure the adventurist as well as those who take life easy by going on short trails. From the easiest to the toughest it brings out the best and the worst in you. The famous poet William Blake rightly stated ‘Great things are done when men and mountains meet.’

Snow drenched Himalayas

Snow drenched Himalayas


The Himalayas has loads to offer but one that I have long wished for is to visit the Gangotri and Bhagirathi valley for its pristine beauty.  From Haridwar a scenic drive via Rishikesh, Uttar Kashi would take me to the quaint village Harsil. Surrounded by thick deodar forest, gurgling river and the chirping of birds life in Harsil would be ataraxia. Cycling along the valley following the course of Bhagirathi river and enjoying the simple pleasures of life by living as a local in Harsil is what I would term as experiential travel.

The Himalayan Eco Lodge at Harsil would be the best bet as a base for heading towards Kedar Tal and trekking to Gaumukh, Tapovan. Nestled in Uttarakhand a hike to the source of Bhagirathi River- Gaumukh which is the second largest glacier in India would be enthralling. Further ahead Tapovan at the base of the Shivling peak is a must in my itinerary for its unusual charm and being a habitat for sadhus. Last but not the least the trail to the emerald Kedar Tal, one of the highest lakes in Uttarakhand would be arduous but worth every penny. With a mythological significance and a radiating beauty it is indeed in my bucket list.

I await the zen state that I get into at the prominence, do I need to wait for long?

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