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Sangetsar Lake

Sangetsar Lake

Sangetsar Lake is considered very pious by the Buddhist Lamas in Arunachal Pradesh. A lake that was said to have been formed due to the post effect of an earthquake has bare black sky rocketing trees jutting out of the water. Golden Ducks or Ruddy Shelduck fly into this lake in pairs and it is great to capture them.

Army personnel are stationed in this area and cater to food and beverage needs to the tourists. Steaming hot coffee with great company of the jawans for some gupshup this place should not be missed when in Tawang. A long drive through snow drenched mountains with almost no vegetation except for some stunted shrubs this place is a must visit. As you reach Sangetsar lake you find pine trees on the slopes of the mountains. Driving through these roads is risky and at times snow chains would be required to explore this terrain. Drivers are seen warming the fuel tanks by lighting a fire below it to crank the engine.

The mercury goes below the sub zero level in this area and there are just two seasons in this place. Summer and Winter with intermittent splash of rain.

The army jawans asked me why I have come to this part of India, I might as well have traveled to Jammu and Kashmir. Well going to the lesser known and lesser heard is what interests me.

A video of this place for a glance of this region. Enjoy!



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  1. What Ann making experience it must have been! How did your elect the place. Also, love your mast head image. Where wash hat shot?

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