Nachiketa Taal

The Uttarakhand region is peppered with Taal (Read my trip to Agoda which is en-route to Doditaal) or lakes and Bugyals. During my recent trip to this beautiful state that never fails to leave you mesmerized I trekked to Nachiketa Taal. Legend of this Taal is quite interesting and a compelling read/hear. Today I shall narrate the story of Nachiketa a ten year old kid who found the gateway to hell and the truth behind life after death.

Kuflon Basics

When I reached Uttar Kashi I got into a discussion with a juice vendor at the market. One look at me and he realized I wasn’t a local. After the initial greetings he asked me where am I headed to. When I mentioned Kuflon his face beamed and excitedly he mentioned when you reach Kuflon the only sound that you would hear is that of your breath, birds and brooks.

Agoda Women

When in Kuflon Basics a beautiful homestay in the hills of Garhwal, Uttarakhand I decided to venture further up the hill. Dodital is a beautiful lake with abundant rainbow or golden trouts and brown trouts introduced by the Britisher Morrison. It is believed Lord Ganesh the Hindu deity was born at Dodital which is at a height of 3310 m. Dodital is 21 km from Sangam Chatti close to the Uttar Kashi town. You traverse through the hamlets of Agoda or Agora, Manjhi before reaching Dodital that takes…