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Rhythm Lonavala | a perfect getaway from Pune and Mumbai

Rhythm Lonavala

Holed up at home for almost two years, most days of the children were marked attending virtual school within the four walls of the home. Staring at multiple gadgets through the day, the tween and the teenager were bored with the mundane life and wanted a change of scenery. So a stay for a couple of nights at Rhythm Lonavala about an hour’s drive from Pune was decided as the destination to unwind and recharge the tired souls. If you are looking for a perfect getaway from Pune or Mumbai, you need not look further.

It was our first time at the property and the fussy kids were sceptical if the all suite resort would tick their requirements. But the staff left no stone unturned to ensure we were pampered to the hilt. An hour and a half smooth drive across the National Highway 4 from Pune brought us to the microcosm of comfort and luxury called Rhythm Lonavala. As soon as you enter this oasis where nature resides in abundance you are cut away from the humdrum of the city life.

Rhythm Lonavala – Drawing inspiration from nature

In today’s modern world where mankind is busy building skyscrapers, by destroying the natural habitat, it is heartening to see the efforts of those who are trying to ensure that one lives in harmony with nature. One such example is this property spread across three acres with age-old trees and a thriving birdlife.

All shades of Blues and Greens dominate the landscape of Rhythm Lonavala. Image credit – Rhythm Lonavala

A perfect getaway from Pune and Mumbai for families and corporate outings, the resort’s architecture boasts of southeast Asian colonial influences and artifacts collected from across the world.  Since Lonavala receives high rainfall, as in the case of some parts of Indonesia, Vaibhav Jatia, the managing director of Rhythm Hospitality, decided to implement Bali’s architectural style at his resort. “We want to ensure the synergy of the place is intact, for which we need to take care its character remains undestroyed,” says Jatia.  Usage of indigenous Indian stones and tiles like the hardy Mangalore tiles for roofing, eye-catching Spanish mosaic tiles, large urns and various other artifacts are extensively seen across the property. In the hotel’s lobby a large boat, crafted by the descendants of a very ancient tribe from the remote island of East Timor, part of the Indonesian archipelago caught my eye.

While building the property on the land previously owned by an Indian freedom fighter, the architects and the owners ensured none of the trees were cut down. The tree that fell off during the construction was repurposed to benches and wooden artifacts that grace the walls of every bedroom in the property.  The painstaking care and effort put in to ensure nature is not harmed is evident when you see a tree trunk juting out of the balcony adjacent to the fittingly named Treehouse cafe. A large mango tree sits daintily in between the resort’s swimming pool providing shade for the humans and a haven for the avians. When seated in your room’s balcony or deck or at the swimming pool one can easily spot tailorbirds, parakeets, bulbuls, spotted doves and robins at this bird sanctuary.

Rhythm Lonavala – Suits everyone’s taste

The all suites resort ensures one does not have to compromise with regards to comfort and luxury. The room’s deck soon became my favourite spot to relax, unwind and recharge by watching the kids splash in the pool, the flourishing avian life and just putting my feet up with my 12-year-old daughter.

Rhythm Lonavala Suite
Rhythm Lonavala Suite. Image credit – Rhythm Lonavala

My children’s idea of a good hotel is bouncy beds, ordering room service and splashing in the pool, and Rhythm Lonavala ticked all the boxes. The chef at the Treehouse cafe dishes out some amazing global cuisine from his kitchen. While the buffet is sure to satiate and satisfy your taste buds you can also opt for ala carte. If cocktails and drinks are in your mind then hit the Cedar Lounge at the resort. For coffee and snacks head to the Three Urns or Courtyard Bistro.

A large spread at Rhythm Lonavala
A large spread at Rhythm Lonavala

If you want to enjoy some quiet time with your books, head to the resort library. There are many aesthetically done nooks and corners around the resort where one can spend time with self or friends and family.

Deck at Rhythm Lonavala
And that is how you put your feet up at Rhythm Lonavala

What to do when in Lonavala?

Our evenings were spent at the resort’s Fun Zone. While the kids did find squash and table tennis interesting, the foosball table was very engaging as it brought out the competitive spirit in each one of us. Frankly speaking the resort keeps you busy, but if you want to step out go on a drive through the winding western ghats. Head to the town’s market to relish its delicacies like the Lonavala chikki or for some shopping. The town also has many view points peppered around like the Tiger Point or for boating. If you are looking for some adventure you can go trekking to the Lohgad Fort.

Fun Zone at Rhythm Lonavala

Note – I was hosted at Rhythm Lonavala but views and opinions are my own.

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