Rhythm Lonavala

Holed up at home for almost two years, most days of the children were marked attending virtual school within the four walls of the home. Staring at multiple gadgets through the day, the tween and the teenager were bored with the mundane life and wanted a change of scenery. So a stay for a couple of nights at Rhythm Lonavala about an hour’s drive from Pune was decided as the destination to unwind and recharge the tired souls. If you are looking for a perfect getaway from Pune…

A perfect landing

I woke up at dawn and got ready for the safari of my life. Have you ever been part of the limitless azure sky with white puffs sailing around? Carried away with the wind to places unknown, unheard and untouched. The smell, the colour and the taste of fresh air exhilarates the dull mind. You are in this zen state from where you wouldn’t want to return. Does it sound too much of a mystery? Well I was on my way to experience The Balloon Safari by Skywaltz….