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Thoseghar – Boundless Beauty


I left early in the morning to feel the fresh air and soak in nature’s beauty. The summer had died down and the rains had started to quench the parched souls on the earth. The terrra firma had adorned a different look, a complete contrast to its earlier season. She was bathed and draped in the vibrant, refreshing and inviting green. It looked as if a limitless green velvet carpet had been laid out to welcome its residents. The mountains all of a sudden had turned from striking brown to a verdant beauty.

En route to Thoseghar

Verdant Beauty of the hills

Life had started to spring in every crevice on this earth. Streams, rivulets flowed in all its beauty and they were indeed a delight for the shutter bugs.

Thoseghar - Beauty everywhere

Beauty everywhere

I was on my way from Pune to Satara a district in Maharashtra that holds numerous treasures for an explorer. The colourful Kaas plateau, Sajjangad & Pratapgad Forts, Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani hill stations and the Thoseghar falls.

As I drove through the hills nature seemed to be in its utmost beauty. It looked as if she had come of age and was at her regal best.

Crab Hunting enroute to Thoseghar

Somewhere before Thoseghar Crab Hunting


I walked up the hill, drenched to the core and suddenly the clouds cleared. I heard the rumble and tumble of the water. She roared in all her might as she fell through the heights and got lost in a mist of foam and the cascades of milky veil.  The Tarali river fell into the depths of the valley amidst the thick and dense vegetation.  Thoseghar left me spell bound!


Thoseghar Falls

Thoseghar Falls

Closer Look of Thoseghar

Closer Look at Thoseghar

Best time to visit Thoseghar –

June to September (During the rains)

Reaching Thoseghar –

Best way to reach this place is by driving from Pune (3 hours) or Mumbai. During weekends and holidays it tends to get crowded.

Hotels –

You wouldn’t find restaurants around this place. Small shops selling bhajjis, pakoras, tea and zunka bhakri could be found. Accomodations are available in the city of Satara which is around 22 km from Thoseghar.

Places to visit around Thoseghar –

  • Kaas Plateau – Colourful Beds of rare flowers in full bloom from Sep to Oct. This place is considered as  a heritage site
  • Chalkewadi – Numerous wind mills are found here in an open space
  • Sajjangad – Sant Ramdas’ final resting place. He was the guru of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj.


2 Comments on “Thoseghar – Boundless Beauty

  1. I hope these beautiful places are left as they are. I was disappointed bu a recent visit to Kaas and the over-commercialisation of it.

  2. Looks like a wonderful place……Been to Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar… but not to Thoseghar….. would keep in mind for next time….

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