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Lemon Grass – the wonder blade


It was my first international trip with the kids. They were excited and very eager to get the most of the trip. We had left Pune to reach Kochi (Read : My initial impressions of Kochi) thereafter to the land of Lion City – Singapore.

This island country is a melting pot of various Asian communities. We had booked a hotel in Little India which is the centre to the cultural pot-pourri of the South Indian community and its thriving Indian restaurants mushroomed across the entire street. As I set my foot on the streets of the locality I wondered for a moment if I was in Tamilnadu.

The roads hustled and bustled with the heavy traffic, horns and the continuous clatter of human voices. I could see people from all walks of life be it the Chinese, Sri Lankans, Indians, Malay or the Thai walking down the streets, crossing roads, heading to the shopping centres or the restaurants. From the nearby Perumal (Lord Vishnu) temple I could hear the chants of the vedas and shlokas, street vendors sold artefacts, knick knacks, the open ground in the city centre was brimming with action and the pleasant fragrance of jasmines and roses from the flower shops filled the streets. I felt at home and loved the cacophony and the commotion. As I walked past Saravana Bhavan I could smell the punjent aroma of the sambar wafting across the road.

It was humid and hot when it suddenly started to rain. But then it rained through the sun like a typical tropical weather. I could feel the sweat run down my spine. Amidst this hullaboo I waited for the taxi to arrive. We had booked for a chauffeur driven 7 seater taxi to transport me, my kids, in laws and dear hubby to the Universal Studios. Yes you heard me right we were thrilled to visit the place but for that moment the weather seemed to dampen our spirits. As I paced the streets of Little India with my restless kids in tow I saw a black Toyota take a clean turn and stop in front of the hotel. Out stepped a little lady, her head covered with a tudung (head scarf) as she hurriedly climbed the steps of the hotel towards the reception. She came out immediately and scanned the entire periphery and caught sight of my family.

As I stepped into the car the first thing to hit my senses was a sweet citrusy smell. It was fresh, clean and also had a botanical grassy tinge to it. I sat on the seat and noticed the surroundings. The interior of the car was well maintained, spic and span. White sheer lacy curtain separated the chauffeurs area from the rest of the vehicle. A hand written board stating please carry the rubbish with you depicted the driver’s affinity to cleanliness. As I absorbed the surroundings I noticed the change in me. Just few moments back I had been fretting and nervous with the weather taking a toll over me. But now I felt relaxed, calm and energized. I wondered what was that wonder element that had managed to invigorate my senses and uplift my mind and body. It had refreshed my senses and my entire being.

Universal Studio

Universal Studio

We had a great time in Universal Studios throughout the day. In the evening as we walked out of its gates I felt the fatigue of the entire day take over me. The rides, the thrills and the excitement had exhausted me. As I got back into the car the familiar smell surrounded my senses. It was a breath of fresh air that rejuvenated and relaxed my sore body.  It was a magic mood enhancer and I was very keen to know what was this secret potion? I casually asked the chauffeur what is this wondrous smelling freshener that had this purifying and energizing effect ? It’s the lemon grass weed, she exclaimed. She continued to give all the positive effects of this freshener and stated it boosted her vitality through the long day by fighting the rattled nerves.

I was in awe of this herbal grass that is found extensively across the South East Asia region  and dominates the Ayurveda therapy. A blade of grass can do wonders and uplift one’s mood in seconds. I decided to make it a part of my daily ritual back home in India. Today I mix Lemon grass oil with water and sprinkle it around my house? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful if Godrej comes up with a ready to use Air Freshener that can be used in cars and homes for a healthy lifestyle.


Lemon Grass

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This post is my entry to Inspire a  Fragrance Contest held by Indiblogger in association with Godrej Aer.


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5 Comments on “Lemon Grass – the wonder blade

  1. Wow, I din’t knew that a herb like Lemon grass has this much of mystic smell in it. Thanks for sharing such a nice experience of yours. I bet I would try this if Godrej Aer comes up with a lemon grass variant.

  2. Lemon grass has a subtle fragrance. Will try the oil someday. And I hope Godrej launches this fragrance. Good luck!

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