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Street Food in Thailand – Photo Essay

Thai Food

Thailand reminds me of Noon Noong our guide, the humid weather and exotic street food. Noong Noong would state there are three seasons in Thailand Hot, Hotter and Hottest.

Thai street food has an overwhelming experience that doesn’t miss to reach your nostrils a kilometer away. So powerful and lasting is it that for an outsider it could be astounding.

I stayed around three days in Thailand 1 day in Bangkok and 2 days in Pattaya. As I walked on the beaches of Pattaya and caught sight of this pretty lady selling fish, crabs and prawns, she obliged a photograph for me.

Thai Woman

Thai Woman

There is more to Thai street food than crabs and prawns. I walked down the Pattaya floating market and was greeted to large varieties of squids, lobsters, shells, mussels etc.

Grilled Squids sold in a boat
Thai Street Food

Thai Street Food

Mussels and shells

Crowds thronged the stalls be it day or night. Considering the streets of Thailand especially the sin city of Pattaya are always busy there is no dearth of customers. Prostitution, pole dancing, strip bars are full house late night.


The milder ones -Pork, Beef is also found in abundance. But what surprised me the most was that insect eating is rampant in Thailand. This is because it is cheap and also rich in protein. Scorpions, Cockroaches, locusts, worms etc are also found here. For many it might turn out to be cultural shock.

Mango with sticky rice
Dumplings made from coconut

Be there to experience and savor it. Not all are for the faint hearted.

Have you ever had such exotic food?

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