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Letter to Oman

Vibrant Oman

Marhaba Oman!

As I sit on the shore and watch the saline water ebb close to my feet my thoughts travel to the distant land whose coastline the same water laps into. I inhaled the draught that blew through the the Arabian Sea and wondered that the same air would reach you in the West.

I have heard and read a lot about you.  The affinity between India and yourself has been since ages galore. Remember the Incense and the Spice Route that led to trade relationship between the West and East. Frankincense, the aroma of the waft that transfuses across your expanse. Some like pearls, others silver and opaque. They cense every household, newborn, mother, street, wedding. The fascination that Omanis have towards it and perfumes is alluring.

How about a Luban trail to understand this human love affair with frankincense?



Source – Flickr

Oman,  the land of lofty mountains, sun kissed deserts, swaying palm trees, islands and the beautiful beaches. Multifaceted landscape and a diverse terrain one can find a splash of everything in you. I wondered if brown would dominate all across you but I was wrong. You have little bit of everything be it the blue expanse of the sea, golden sand dunes of Wahiba Sands, the verdant green of  Dhofar during Khareef, the kaleidoscope of colours in the souqs and the underwater world. Colours that speak of your culture and history.


Vibrant Oman

Vibrant Oman

Source – Flickr

All that I read and heard of you I would want to visit and relish it in every sense.

Wahiba Sands for star gazing in Bedouin camps and a glimpse of the Bedu Life. I have never ever spent a night in the desert. Watching a desert sunset from the sand dunes that rise 100 metres above would be an experience in itself. The nocturnal cold wind brushing past you with the sky lit by innumerable lights it would indeed be looking back in time.

Daymaniyat Islands unravels the mysteries and the beauty of the underwater world. Marine Life, Coral reefs found in abundance bring out the motley of colours which is a palette mixed with all the available shades of Mother Nature.

My voyage of the discovery of colours that I have never known would be in your bosom.

Beautiful Oman

Beautiful Oman

Source – Flickr

If that wouldn’t be enough the Muttrah Souq with its labriynth of narrow packed alleys stacked with colourful handicrafts, carpets, perfumes, gold, jewellery, myrrh under one single roof would be a taste of the crowd and its soul.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque  and the Royal Opera House each with its own striking and unique architectural design are mesmerizing and enchanting. If watching a performance in the Opera House would be a delight, a walk in the mausoleum would be serene and peaceful experience.

Visiting Sur, the last surviving Dhow yard in eastern coast with lagoon around and providing a vista of water and land would be bewitching.

A dive in the natural pools of Wadi Bani Khalid would be refreshing and relaxing and a stay at Salalah with the old world charm and sub tropical vegetation promising.

Oman you have activities galore be it Dune Bashing in the wilderness of the desert, scuba diving, Camel Racing, Horse Racing or Caving for those who would want to feel the adrenaline rush. Those who are keen to relax and enjoy the rhythm of Omani Life there is Whale Watching, Kite Flying, Golf, Dolphin Watching and Bird Watching. Oman you are an offbeat destination that has everything that one would want to indulge and experience in his/her lifetime.You offer so much that one is spoilt for choice. 

You continue to be the enchantress with a varied terrain and multifaceted landscape.

The regality and the simplicity of the warm Omanis in their white dishdashas with a smile on their face ever ready to welcome visitors home, for a cup of Omani coffee in the traditional handle less cups, with some succulent dates and probably Halwa and Lokhemat is appealing. A beautiful small khanjhar adorning their waist might show their power but their actions speak volumes of  kind hospitality. I can picture the beautiful Omani ladies with their peaches and blush skin, kohl rimmed eyes and beautiful head jewellery weaving the best carpets and beautiful embroidery  in the traditional Omani sandstone houses. Water flowing through the Aflaj system (ancient irrigation system)  considered as the lifeline for the residents. A novel concept that has helped the natives stand the trials of weather.

Beauty has an address - Oman

Beauty has an address – Oman

Source – Here

Oman your natives are your face,

They have made you a wondrous place.

There is music in the winds that blows across your land,

Probably the azaan from the sand.

There is fragrance wafting through the stretch,

Magic of  rose essence,  frankincense that I would fetch

 When I open my eyes it is the rhapsody of colours,

Should I say it would be the multi sensory voyage of my life?

 Beauty indeed has an address,

It exists in your living culture  I stress.

You have perfectly balanced urbanization and the age old customs, traditions. This has kept the flame of culture glowing across your land. It is the knots of culture, tradition that has bound the Omanis together and has been spread as a beautiful carpet across the land.

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim (In the name of God most Gracious, most compassionate) aptly applies to you Oman. Need I say more?

The wafts of frankincense and the aroma of your perfumes would fill my country with memories of Oman. Stories, experiences and anecdotes of the Arabian Nights and Days that I spend in your open arms would be told for long.

Oman, the enchantress in varied forms,

I am waiting to step on your shore.

I am sure you wouldn’t disappoint my core.

With Love


 This post has been written in view of the Beauty has an address contest held by Sultanate of Ministry of Oman in association with Indiblogger.

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16 Comments on “Letter to Oman

  1. wow! Your words are sheer poetry! I hope you get this holiday. It will indeed be well deserved. Good Luck

  2. Mesmerizing poem. The first pic is so similar to Marine Drive in South Mumbai and m sure I’ll love the place. Love the way you described Oman like the love in your life.
    Here atoning for my sins:)

  3. this was Poetry – Prose 😀 Beautiful, personal, creative and still the flow wins the battle! Loved the post..:) Best of luck for the contest…

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