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Chapter 12 – In search of the unknown

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Chapter 12 #CelebrateBlogging

This post is twelfth in the series of the #CelebrateBlogging event conducted byBlogadda. I belong to the Tandem Tensome team. The previous chapter could be read at Chapter 11

Jennifer grabbed her bag, dumped her keys and mobile into it and headed down the stairs. She crossed the road and stopped the next auto rickshaw. “Bhaiya, thoda jaldi chaliye”, she muttered as the vehicle maneuvered through the maddening traffic in Mumbai’s streets. It was way different compared to Kochi barring the salubrious climate of both the cities which she liked.

She stood in front of the tall building with the billboard stating Daily Newspaper. With a heavy sigh she entered the building and asked to meet the editor. The receptionist asked her to wait for some time as she made the regular call. Jennifer was very keen to get the chapter of the misused picture closed today. It had long been dragged and to add to it now she had an unwanted string attached to it. Mr. Cyrus Daruwalla, who off late had become a parasite and was eating into the sanctity of her life.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the receptionist stating the editor would be available in the second floor of the building. She took the stairs and wondered how she would put the story across the table. Mr. Editor was waiting for her with a pleasant smile across his face. She introduced herself and stated the purpose of her visit. The demure man was surprised when he heard Jennifer’s story and wondered how they could have missed on it. They were very particular about using photographs that were not clicked by his staff and gave due credits wherever required. Also they did seek the permission of the owner before publishing the images.

He again checked with her the date when her picture was published and looked through his records to pull the details. The name flashing on the screen was one Mr. Nikhil Rathod. The demure man smiled and told Jennifer, “I am sorry mam, but there definitely seems to be some confusion. This image we found in the blogs of one Mr. Nikhil Rathod. We secured his permission before using it. I now remember very clearly, he in fact didn’t want his name to be put up in the article. He has a blog that he writes regularly and we found this picture in the same blog. “

Jennifer enquired if he could share the contact details and his blog. The kind man scribbled on the paper and also stated,” I am not sure mam, if I am doing the right thing by sharing these details with you.” Jennifer thanked the kind soul profusely and walked away with the paper before he would change his mind. She took the cab and headed to her new office and wondered if she would be late on the very first day.

As she got into the cab Cyrus walked towards the office of the Daily newspaper and stayed put for some time. He thought he saw Jennifer getting into the cab and wondered what she would have found. Also he was surprised for some time as he didn’t expect her in Mumbai. Was he wrong? Was it someone else? The gnawing thought troubled him and he needed the much required drink. Should he get inside the building and enquire with the receptionist if someone called Jennifer had dropped in today? Would it generate unwanted suspicion? He wondered aloud and cursed himself for being late.

Jennifer ran into the office and checked with the receptionist on the formalities for a new joinee. The day had started in an eventful manner and she didn’t want her first day to leave a wrong impression on the Ice Lady. As she thumbed through the documents she wondered what else the day would have in store for her. Her thoughts were disturbed by a voice that she had heard before she looked up to see the Ice Lady staring at her. The look on her face could kill anyone who stood in front of her. Jennifer hated herself for being there in such a sorry state.  First impression has a lasting impression and she wanted to kick herself. Why of all those days it had to be today? Mumbai was definitely not treating her well.

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