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The music of Bath

Music of Bath

The Music of Bath

As I walked past the city of Bath and it’s open areas indulging into some window shopping time and again I stumbled into this quirky coffee shop serving breakfast for the famished souls like me. I had left early in the morning from London, visited Stonehenge and then reached Bath.

The food outlet had a very unusual chairs in its exteriors. Two wrought iron chairs were placed with it’s seats and back painted to show the deck of cards. They held me for couple of minutes and I stood still capturing them when suddenly the fading lilting music could be heard in the backdrop. I looked through the glass door to see few people seated inside and playing the musical instruments. As I entered I noticed their performance had come to an end.

Music of Bath

Musicians in Bath

I asked them if they were here in this city for any event. They replied they were a group of teachers who had come from Ireland with their students for a musical performance that same night in the city of Bath. The kind souls agreed to repeat their rendition as I captured it in a video. Check out this soft and beautiful presentation that would for sure get your feet thumping. More on Bath to follow soon.

Travel indeed has many stories to be told.


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